Lives in  Iowa United States Born on June 13, 1997 · Female
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laurie (Mod)
Awesome post ,quiz,
Liberty E
This is weird. I didn't take this quiz but it's saying I did. Is there a way to change the answers to the questions?
Wow, I am impressed with my result.90!
Shelley case
80 but was told am a light worker my twin flame is an indigo child
Cheryllynn Johnson
Wow 90/100 ߒ
duane meiring
Letzy Rodriguez
Wackshar Jenkins.
I hate that i never have a real yes or no answer for anything. I dont see rainbows. But my skin shows rainbowy colors when i go outside, so thats interesting. Im literally taking like 40 quizzes in a row.
Patti Parker (Admin)
Alexia to SU. Love and Light our friend.
6 Liked
Kash (Admin)
Weekend was great, yours ?
Fantastic. ☺️
Patti Parker (Admin)
and my friend.
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