Do Twin Flames Feel The Same About Each Other?

Twin flames vibrate at intense levels. Their connection is stronger than thunder and lighting, and all the forces of nature combined.

They feel guilt, anger, joy happiness and the whole spectrum of human emotions together, even if the experiences that evoked these feelings aren’t mutually shared.

They are mirror souls of each other, and this duality imparts in them similar mental and spiritual characteristics. They hardly feel indifferent.

Sure, they’re flawed, but even their imperfections are unbelievably similar. Twin flames can exhibit powerful telepathy that transcends human logic. Inconsistencies and spiritual variations mark twin flame relationships.

It is speculated that one of the twins is a psychic, and can pick up signals of its twin flame. They can know for sure what they are feeling, and what they are going through.

Not only are they more spiritually ascended than their other half, but they are also in harmony with the universe. In the meantime, the other twin barely moves in their life.

They wear a façade, which drowns them in their self-inflicted pain. They can’t come to grips with the illusions of this deceptive world. They are still trying to seek a higher self.

They don’t vibrate at the same spiritual level as their more spiritually enlightened counterpart.

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These contrasting levels of spiritual energy between twin flames are also the underlying reason behind the twin flame runner and chaser dynamic.

So what happens to the personal vibration of twin flames?

Most of the time, the runner pretends that nothing is wrong with them, and hides away their feelings in the most profound corners of their mind.

Instead of weathering storms themselves, they tend to seek help from petty drugs to numb the pain.

This takes them farther away from spiritual enlightenment and only ends up exacerbating the situation.

When they run away from themselves, he starts to vibrate at a lower intensity level and fares farther away from their spiritually evolved twin.

The twin flame who has found their higher self should observe their spirituality in their counterpart’s presence.

If the spiritual levels align, then that means that the vibrations of both the twins are blending, and they’re getting closer to each other.

The spiritually lacking twin must not let the deluge of societal crap hamper his progress towards spiritual enlightenment.

They must embrace themselves, to allow love and light to enter into their being.

Once they are spiritually enlightened, they can enjoy the same psychic abilities that are a boon for their mirror soul.

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They can experience the same telepathy and mental alignment that his twin flame is blessed with.

So, do twin flames feel same about each other? No, not always! It can only happen when both of them vibrate at the same level.

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