Homeless Man’s Unbelievable Transformation Into “Hipster” Makes Him Burst Into Tears

A bedraggled, homeless man in Spain has cried tears of joy after being transformed from hobo to hipster in a sensational makeover by a hair salon.

Jose Antonio, who is a well known identity on the Spanish island of Majorca, was offered the dramatic makeover by the owner of local salon, La Salvajeria.

The owner had got to know Mr Antonio as a fixture in the town square, working as an “unlicensed car parking attendant” — a small sideline which allowed him enough money to buy food each day.

 The Daily Mail reported that Mr Antonio was a former electrician “who lost his way in life and ended up homeless after suffering depression”.

Walking into the salon with long, matted, grey hair and beard, Mr Antonio, 55, walked out a suave, raven-haired and much younger-looking man in tight jeans and a crisp white shirt.

As the salon owner noted, Mr Antonio went from an “indigent surviving like a gorilla, to the George Clooney of the town square”.

Before …

homeless man makeover
Jose Antonio before the transformation. Photo: YouTube/Dr Filmgood Studios.

And after …

homeless man makeover

The “George Clooney of the local square”. Photo: YouTube/Dr Filmgood Studios.

Mr Antonio broke down when he was shown the result.

“My God, this is incredible, is this me?” he says in a video of the makeover process made by Dr Filmgood Audiovisual Studio.

“I’m so different, no-one’s going to recognise me unless I tell them who I am.”

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Mr Antonio broke down when he was showed the result. Photo: YouTube.
Mr Antonio broke down when he was showed the result. Photo: YouTube.

The video, originally made in 2015 but only shared on Facebook in the last week, has gone viral with more than 400,000 views in just a few days.

The video also shows locals failing to recognise Mr Antonio, but later shows their astonishment — and compliments — when they realise it’s the same homeless man from the town square.

Salva Canis congratulated the salon and the filmmaker for the effect they had had on Jose but questioned what would happen when the hair dye faded and his beard grew back out.

In an interview with a Spanish TV station, Mr Antonio said he was now off the streets and actively looking for work.

‘It wasn’t just a change of look. It changed my life. What I want now is a proper job.”

Watch the makeover here

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