These Are The 5 Most Sensitive Zodiac Signs

Everyone has their faults and admittedly, no one is perfect, but we’d surely all agree that it is more useful to know exactly what our personal downfalls are, in order to be able to work on them. Our expert Susan has taken an in-depth look at the 5 most sensitive signs and have given their precious advice on how to reconcile with them! Is your sign one of the most sensitive? Find out here!

Sensitive signs…

The most sensitive zodiac signs are Cancer, Pisces and Scorpio. These 3 signs are hypersensitive and more often than not take things to heart.

Cancer, Pisces and Scorpio struggle to brush things off often make mountains out of molehills! Anyone would think they love the drama! Even when Cancer, Pisces and Scorpio make an effort to shake off their touchiness, they still take things to heart and struggle to see past things.


Cancer is the most sensitive of the signs and when they feel attacked, they sulk like children, although they do quickly regret their actions afterwards!

Advice: When arguments arise, don’t leave Cancer alone to mull things over. To get a Cancer to forgive and forget, show them some affection!


Pisces is the second most sensitive sign, when their feelings are hurt, Pisces are likely to cry and complain.

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Susan’s advice: When trying to make up with a Pisces, don’t leave them alone, spend time with them without saying anything.


Scorpio is the third most sensitive sign. Scorpios are mysterious, when they are hurt, they try to hide their feelings and prefer to provoke other people aggressively.

Advice: If you encounter troubles with a Scorpio, pay attention to your body language. For a Scorpio to forgive you, try to calm them down in order to avoid any aggressiveness.

The proudest signs…

We’ve looked at the proudest signs, now it’s time to look at the proudest. Leo and Aries are the two proudest signs; in fact they are so proud that they get easily offended and can become very touchy.


Leos are naturally proud people. When Leos are angry, their excess pride makes them comes across as arrogant and hurtful.

Advice: If you end up arguing with a Leo, show them that they are loved and make an effort to calm them down, why not suggest an outing?


Aries’ are very impulsive and can become easily agitated, they can at times become very angry!

Advice: When arguing with an Aries, lay your cards on the table and be honest and clear, Aries appreciate honesty.

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