Twin Flame Journey: The Soul Trip

Twin flame relationships are not simple, so is the twin flame journey. It is like travelling on the path full of stones and wearing no shoes. However, at the end of the road lies the heaven on earth. There are so many stages in twin flame journey, and every stage has its charm as well as problems. Let’s have a look:

#1: Longing for the Twin Flame

In your mind, you just know that someone is out there. He will take you to the whole new level. You know that you will be happy with him. You don’t know where to find him, but somehow you know he exists, and you can sense that you will meet someday.

All this waiting time moulds you perfectly for the days to come. Many people call this stage as the preparing stage for the one.

#2: Getting the Signal

At some point in life, you suddenly see a glimpse of him or her. It could be in a dream or in real life. If you have a bit of psychic sense, you can easily take the signal. You feel unexplainable joy and happiness without knowing the apparent reason.

#3: Falling in Love:

At this stage, both have found each other; one or both must be unaware that they are each other’s twin flame. Once they start to fall in love, there is so much intensity. Every other thing seems to fade away when you two are together. With every breath, you fall more deeply in love with the person.

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#4: Starting of a Relationship

Now, you both are together. There is so much perfection in the relation that it seems like nobody will drag you apart and you will stay this way forever.

 #5: Appearing of Problems:

When you two start to know each other more, things start to change. Being a mirror image and accepting your self in front of you is very hard. There are fights and arguments now that may last forever.

#6: Running and Chasing:

In a twin flame journey, running and chasing decide the fate of the destination. In this relationship, one is usually more mature than the other and becomes the chaser. He doesn’t want to lose the paradise and wishes to live in it forever. On the other hand, the runner is unable to understand the depth of feelings and wants to run away.

#7: Separation:

There can be two kinds of separations in a twin flame journey: living together but emotionally apart and physically away from each other. When living together, the running and chasing stage doesn’t last long but in the former condition, the relation might end forever, and there’s no coming back.

#8: Surrendering and Finding Solutions:

The efforts of the chaser plus the attraction of the soul lead to the surrendering of the runner. They both open their wounds to each other. They let go their differences and start a new relationship together that has more strength and power than before.

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#9: The Forever Union:

This time, the union lasts until death. The reunion with so many positive changes again makes it an eternal paradise. They both work side by side to meet their common life goals. They accept that they are two bodies having a single soul. Their union has love, harmony, patience, peace, empathy and everything that a fairy tale connection has.

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