When The Twin Flame Runner Awakens

Every relationship has its highs and lows. Whether it’s a twin flame relationship or any other, there’s always a sense of fear. However, as the twin flame relationship is quite intense and most powerful among all the unions. One twin flame becomes a runner and doesn’t understand the attraction and the love between the two.

There are mostly two kinds of fear in the relationship:

The fear of losing the loved one and the fear of losing oneself. The chaser usually has the fear that is formerly mentioned. He wants to lose himself for love, but doesn’t want to leave the lover.

On the other hand, the runner becomes afraid of the love itself and fear that he will lose himself to the person he loves. He even leaves the person so that he can remain himself forever.

The twin flames relationship is just like a thread that drags you towards your twin flame. It is not the connection of the physical entities, but the attraction of souls that never let them part. When the time of separation comes, the runner just runs away which is very hard for the chaser to understand.

Chaser becomes devastated and sad and starts to chase the runner madly. However, it is important for the chaser to know that runner needs time and true love will spark in his eyes when the right time will come. You need to stop chasing and give them some time alone.

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Twin Flame Runner Awakening

The twin flame runner awakening may take from months to years; but sooner or later, they will come back to you. During the separation time, you are not the only one with the thought of your twin flame in their minds. They are also thinking about you every day. Here are some of the problems that runners may face while on the run and these matters would lead to the twin flame runner awakening.

There’s no Peace in Anything:

No matter what they do, they don’t find peace in it. They don’t like to hang out with friends; every party seems boring, their original family doesn’t look like same, and so on. As their soul is longing for you, the only thought that reoccurs every day is that how happy they felt with you and how much peace of heart and mind was there!

Love Doesn’t Seem Like a Solution:

In many cases, runners don’t know how to love themselves. As, you can only give the thing that you have; so, they are unable to give love. They don’t find love to be the solution. They fail to understand why you love them. They don’t realise the power of love, and when they do, they awaken to know what they are worth, and love can heal all the pains.

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They Are Not Ready:

There’s a possibility that they run away from you because they are unable to recognise you in the first place. Your twin flame will not know who you are before their soul is mature enough to realise why it is incarnated. When the right time arrives, they automatically start to feel the essence of twin flame relationship.

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