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June 28, 2015 by
Take this fun quiz to test your astrology knowledge.
1. How many signs of the zodiac are there?
2. Saturn is exalted in...
3. . Mercury stations retrograde...
4. Capricorn is associated with the element of.
5. Gemini is in the quadruplicity of ...
6. When the Moon is retrograde
7. The angle associated with relationships is...
8. The Part of Marriage is always...
9. Mars is found to be oriental...
10. The Greater Benefic is ...
Amber koury
Yeah I'm clueless lol
No idea lol
5 out of 10, I guess isn't too bad...
Jayme Smith
Okay about the first question that states the answer to be 12 is incorrect. it is thirteen but it's only thirteen during a certain period of time. but still it's thirteen.
Siddarth Laxminarayanen
13 refers to the Exoplanet Niburu or Planet X
Maria Ramos
I forgot the moon always goes in one direction... LOL
Leigh Marilyn Roberts
I'm not surprised about my pooey result
6 out of 10
Aah i'm not good in astrology