Abuse and the Law of Attraction

There is an extremely important topic of conversation when it comes to the Law of Attraction that I haven’t seen discussed nearly enough, and it deeply concerns me. As a meditation instructor, chakra activator and practitioner of the Universal Law of Attraction, I believe it is imperative that we talk frankly about this and share this advice far and wide.

All practitioners of the Law of Attraction (LoA), both novice and expert, need to hear this message.


Far too many LoA teacher and practitioners fail to mention to the serious issue of emotional and physical abuse and how to deal with it as a LoA practitioner. Many people, especially women, find themselves in living environments and situations in which domestic and other forms of abuse are heaped upon them day in and day out. What is a person to do, especially a believer in the LoA, when they encounter abuse from others?

My simple advice is this: GET OUT! Do not assume an abuser, even an abuser who has apologised, will not abuse again. The fact of the matter is, if a person is abusive once, he or she is likely to be abusive again. And again and again and again.

Just because you believe and have been taught that you are the controller of your own destiny and that the manifestation of reality is in your hands (which it is), do not assume this will control other people’s use of the LoA for their own abusive ends.

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The LoA works both ways: both positive and negative. While you may focus on creating your own positive reality, others may be focused on creating their own negative – and abusive – realities. This is through no fault of your own. It is their creation, but you are not required to be bound by it or affected by it. If you find yourself in an abusive situation, get out as quickly as you can.

This does not mean you hold a grudge or are unforgiving. You can leave an abusive person or situation and still be forgiving. But one thing you must not do is allow yourself to be abused because you think you deserve it. You don’t. You are good and worthy of love, and nobody deserves to be abused in any way.


Some LoA teachers never mention this important fact, and that is dangerous. If a person is abusive towards you, it is not your fault. It is not a reality you are manifesting. It is the reality that is being manifested by the abuser. You can control how you react to it, but you are not responsible for it.

Do not blame yourself for it. For your own health, well-being and self-esteem, do all you can to remove yourself from abusive situations and toxic people.

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The LoA is powerful. It works. But because everyone is participating in the LoA, either consciously or subconsciously, the truth is that positive and negative intentions are being manifested by everyone at all times. I can’t repeat it enough: if you live with or are often around an abusive person, utilise the LoA for yourself by removing yourself, if possible, from that person. Your very life might depend on it.

Please share this article with everyone you know. It may just save their life!

With Love & Light,
Paul D Payne
Founder, Association for Integrative Meditation



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