10 Common Signs Of Spiritual Awakening

As the vibration of the universe is rising, it is fuelling the spiritual awakening of more and more people.

Even people who loosely understand the meaning of spirituality believe in a higher purpose, a grand scheme that is edging them closer to the meaning of their existence.


Are you one of those people who is going through a spiritual shift? Let us analyse some of the most frequent signs of spiritual awakening to help you answer that question.

10 Common Signs of Spiritual Awakening

Ambivalence and emotional turbulence are the salient features of enlightenment.

Even the slightest of problems may cause you to break down in tears. What’s important is staying true to your feelings, and letting them unravel with time.

You feel a personal connection to nature.

You see things more vividly. You understand the healing aspects of life and how it has the ability to uplift moods. You start to take a curious interest in different colours and shapes.

Vacillating Energy

Vacillating energy levels are quite common in people who are undergoing awakening. At times, they might feel exhausted, and at other times, they might have an attitude that makes them want to conquer the world.

Everything Feels Different

Everything feels different inside of you, from your beliefs and thoughts to physiological processes. A wave of disillusionment disrupts your senses.

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Cutting Cords

You start to gather the courage to break free from social templates and karmic relationships. As your vibration rises, you no longer tolerate negative influences in your life.

Shift Towards Healthy Life Style

Everything around us has energy, including food. The dishes that you used to adore are no longer be liked by you. You start to shift towards a healthy lifestyle.

Change Of Career

If you’re stuck in a job that you hate, you’ll have this intense urge to quit it.

You will no longer feel bound to a desk job that steers you away from your latent talents. You’ll rediscover yourself, and only have a natural inclination towards those professions you have a natural flair for.

Nothing in this universe is accidental.

On the contrary, everything coincidental heralds a major shift. This is how the universe propels towards spiritual awakening.

So, as you’re progressing towards a heightened state, you’ll stumble across more and more inexplicable happenings.

Heightened Physical Symptoms

Physical and mental symptoms, such as a headache, flu, depression and anxiety are quite common during spiritual awakening. Don’t worry! You’re going to be all right. Your endurance will come to fruition.


Stronger Intuition

It will become exceptionally more natural for you to judge the moods and behaviours of people around you.

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You’ll know when they’re sad, happy, lost etc. This happens because as our vibration rises, our intuition becomes more equipped to pick up emotional signals.


These 10 common signs of spiritual awakening can have different effects on different people.

What’s important is to embrace them and try to understand what they’re trying to change within you. Not only will this catalyse the process of spiritual awakening but also help you stabilise much faster.

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