We are acutely aware that saving Mother Earth from climate change is no easy task, but there are ways that we as individuals can make a difference.

The good thing is, it isn’t as hard as you might think.

If you want to pitch in and help, here are 10 easy ways for you to save Mother Earth.


Recycling might not be glamorous or exciting, but it is the best way to reduce your carbon waste and save the planet.

Sorting the different recyclables can be a bit of a pain, but there are ways to make the process easier. Remind yourself that you are not just doing a chore, you are working in service of your life-giving Mother Earth.10 Easy Ways To Save Mother Earth


Upcycling is taking old, used and salvaged objects and finding new uses for them. Doing this reduces the need for new stuff, helping to lessen the burden on Mother Earth.

Digging through garage sales can be a whole lot of fun, and many old objects hold metaphysical value too and can be used to boost the energy in your meditation space.

Drive Less

For some people, driving is unavoidable.

But where possible, we should opt for public transport. Better still, why not walk? Walking to work can improve your physical and spiritual health while being an easy way to save Mother Earth.

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Go Vegan

Going vegan is the number one thing you can do if you want to save Mother Earth.

The food and water that goes into animal farming is many times more than Mother can give, which takes its toll on the planet. Going vegan really is the best way you can do your part for Mother Earth and the animals that we share her with.

Grow Your Own Food

Getting down and dirty in the garden or an allotment is a great way to save Mother Earth and help you to reconnect with nature and the land.

There are plenty of communities that can help you to get into this rewarding and climate-positive hobby.

Look After Your Patch

We are only individuals, which is why saving the planet can seem so daunting.

But if we all look out for our local area by picking up litter, helping wildlife and planting flowers, we can restore the damage done every day to Mother Earth.

Donate To Charities

For those who can afford to, donating to charities who focus on the environment can be the easiest way to help.

Fret not if you can’t afford to though – that’s okay! Perhaps you can volunteer or help to raise awareness instead.

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Connect With Others

One fundamental way to help save Mother Earth is by connecting with others. She is us, and we are her.

Making personal and metaphysical connections gets people more invested in the planet we share, which can spur them to join you in this mission.

Connect With Mother Earth

Don’t forget to maintain your connection with our beautiful planet.

Our energies feed into Mother Earth, just as they do vice versa. Meditating in nature and doing grounding exercises can help to keep you motivated and invested in saving the environment.

Set An Example

Finally, be the example that others will follow.

Many people talk the talk, but unless you walk the walk, you will never convince others to join you in saving our Mother Earth.

Okay, maybe the last one isn’t easy. But with the strength of your will, it is doable, and it makes everything else a whole lot easier.