10 Reasons Why An Alpha Female Is The Best Girlfriend You’ll Ever Have

Gender equality is transforming the way women are portrayed by society. Certain characteristics of the macho culture are no longer accepted by men and women. Being independent, entrepreneurial, and having the ability to independently make decisions are a must have for XXI Century women.

An Alpha Female is a concept used to talk about women power, to describe women that dare cross all boundaries, and who are confident and goal oriented.


They possess a charming personality and are confident. Men are easily attracted to their intelligence and intrinsic strength.

Nevertheless, behind this image of power, a passionate women resides, and they don’t deny their feelings. They are one of a kind, open to loving others and being true to themselves. They are ready to face any adversity and share their victories with their family and friends. Here are 10 reasons why having an Alpha girlfriend is the best choice.

1. She is authentic

She is confident and always true to herself. She doesn’t pay attention to the negative comments other people might say about her. She practices what she preaches and tries to see the positive in every situation.

2. She’ll bring out the best in you

Once you’re in a relationship with her, your best qualities will come to the fore. It is not by force that you do this, it is because she inspires you. Together you keep yourselves motivated and goal-oriented.

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3. Live life to the fullest

Alpha females are not happy sitting on the sidelines. They are constantly seeking out adventures. You can help her plan a trip to the beach, or a camping night. Being creative will bring dynamism into your relationship.


4. She loves you, but she doesn’t need you.

She loves you and is willing to spend the rest of her life with you, but her independence is not in question. Her healthy self-esteem allows her to be happy whether she is in a relationship or not.

5. She does not easily get angry.

If one day you happen to forget to pick up the dry cleaning, or take out the trash, she won’t get angry.

She won’t constantly remind you of your mistakes. She will try to help you balance your chores with your other responsibilities. At the end of the day you’re both busy people.

6. She can face different challenges.

The Alpha Female won’t easily quit. She possess a strong will and intelligence to keep her focus on her goals. Even if the challenges are difficult, she will find the strength to keep going.

7. She’ll make the first move.

She is not a shy woman, if she wants something she will go for it. She’ll make the first move and you will have to bring in your A Game.

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8. You won’t have to keep her safe

This type of woman does not need a man by her side to keep her safe. She’ll plan a getaway with her friends and won’t be calling you every minute to inform you of her whereabouts.


9. She takes care of herself

An Alpha Female takes care of herself at all times, her happiness and well-being comes first. She will have bad moments, and will need space sometimes. Nevertheless, she’ll try to stay positive as long as she can.

10. She’s loyal to the people she loves

All the relationships she has, whether is family, friends or a romantic ones are important to her. She is always willing to give out her best advice and be supportive. She will consider your relationship to be a work in progress, where both of you have to compromise.

Once you’ve fallen in love with an Alpha Female, nothing is the same ever again. They are free spirits who are not afraid of sharing or showing the real meaning of womanhood. You’ll be lucky to share your life with her.

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