Signs he’s hiding his attraction

How do you know that you are more than a friend? Men know how to hide their feelings, but they are unable to do it completely and always leave traces.

Here are 10 signs he’s hiding his attraction, but he is into you.


1. He extends the conversations

He shows interest in your conversations. He hears whatever you need to say and tries to continue your little talks as much as he can.

2. He asks many questions

These questions could be general as well as personal. At the start, he will mostly ask general questions like where are you from.

Then these questions become more personal like do you like coffee or tea more. It’s just because he wants to explore you.

3. A changed person in front of you

He becomes a different person when he is with you. He is not himself. He might try to act more relaxed than he is.

If you find his attitude weird, then there’s a chance that he likes you.


4. He brings you a drink

Don’t fall for it if a guy brings you a drink. If he does it often for you, so you don’t have to get up and leave your seat, then there’s a possibility that he likes you and this is his way of showing respect.

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5. Asked for phone number

He has taken your phone number, but he has never called you for no reason. A guy, who is hiding his feelings wants to talk to you but doesn’t want to tell you.

But whenever he calls, he will always ask things other than his purpose of calling, like how is the weather, or what were you up to etc.

6. Facebook friendship is a bit different

You are friends on Facebook, but you don’t find him placing comments on your photos. He will like whatever you share, but he remains very careful while commenting.

You will mostly see his comments on the posts that are sentimental.

7. He doesn’t make eye contact

Guys who are flirting love to look into the eyes of the woman they are interested in.

But the man who likes you won’t look deep into your eyes because he thinks that you might see his feelings in his eyes. He avoids eye contact when he talks to you and looks here and there.


8. He asks about your romantic relationships

If he directly asks whether you have a boyfriend, it means he wants to know how close he can get to you.

He wants to know about his own chances, and he is bold enough to ask about your romantic status beforehand.

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9. He seems jealous when you are with others

He might pretend to act normal but you can see it on his face. When you laugh at other guys jokes or talk to them frankly, his facial expressions change a bit.

You can quickly tell that he is jealous, but he is trying to hide it.

10. He remembers your things

You don’t have to tell him when your birthday is, neither your favourite drink. He remembers tons of things about you that you have mentioned to him only once.