In this article, you will discover 10 signs of synchronicity. Have you ever had a dream or vision where you saw a symbol and the very same symbol appeared in reality within the day? This is called synchronicity.

Carl Jung calls it meaningful coincidences when two or more signs which seem to have occurred randomly are also connected meaningfully.

Whatever you may call it, synchronicity is a wink from the Cosmos. It may be when you think of an old friend and then receive an email or call from them shortly after.

Synchronicity is personal and meaningful to you, as a very joyous experience. It gives you the sense that there is connection all around, which can be very comforting for you. It also moves you to expanded state of consciousness, when you question why and how the coincidence happened.

10 Signs Of Synchronicity You Have Experienced

Listed below are 10 signs of synchronicity you might have experienced or noticed in your life.

Synchronicity and numbers

Sometimes you look up at the clock and see repeated numbers, and the common numbers are 11:11, 22:22, 12:12. Why is it every time you look at the clock, and these were the numbers? Is it a coincidence? No, it’s a positive sign of synchronicity.

Running into an old friend

There were times when you are thinking about an old friend, and you receive a phone call, text message or email from them.

Radio or TV

You are humming to your favourite tune, and you switch on the radio or television and it starts playing the song you are humming. This is a positive sign of synchronicity and a joyous moment for you.

Something solves your problem

Randomly you come across an item that solves a dilemma you have been having, even though you were never looking for it. Could be an ad on the TV or an item in the store that jumps out at you, and says “here this is exactly what you’re looking for.”

Strangers are helping you

You seem to meet strangers who offer you the best advice for the problems you are having, even though you just met them and never mentioned what you are going through. That’s synchronicity for you so embrace it.

Watching a movie

You are watching a movie or TV show, and the storyline mirrors the current issues you are having in your life.

Catching conversations

You hear a conversation two strangers are having, they are discussing something you have been thinking about in your life.


You are planning to buy something, and you have a good idea what you want, then you receive a gift from your friend exactly what you were looking for. Sure enough, you never mentioned it to anybody at all, and you are only thinking about it, so yes another sign of synchronicity.


There were moments you needed an emotional lift and your child suddenly turns to you and says ”I love you”. You might receive an email with an uplifting message from a friend or relative.

Perfect timing

Everything just happens to you just when you need them most.

Of course, this list can be endless as synchronicity is a very complex occurrence. These are just some general examples you may experience at some point in your life. The best way to experience synchronicity is to feel more and listen to your intuition.

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