Throughout history, there have been many accounts of people receiving visions, dreams, and intuitions from a divine source that have warned them about future events or called them to action. Many view these types of experiences as communications from God, offering guidance, clarity, or cautionary messages.

While warning dreams from God are open to interpretation, many believe they serve an important purpose – protecting people from harm, sparking transformation, or revealing truths that inspire positive change.

What Does the Bible Say About Warning Dreams from God?

The Bible contains several examples of warning dreams that are thought to have come from God. For instance:

The Dreams of Joseph

In the Old Testament, Joseph has dreams foretelling future events and interprets others’ dreams, including correctly analyzing the dreams of Pharaoh’s cupbearer and baker and predicting seven years of abundance followed by seven years of famine in Egypt. (Genesis 37-41)

Jacob’s Ladder Dream

In Genesis 28, Jacob dreams of a ladder reaching to heaven with angels ascending and descending. Upon waking, Jacob names the place “Bethel,” or “house of God,” believing the dream came from God as guidance for his life.

Dream of Pilate’s Wife

In the New Testament, Pilate’s wife has a disturbing dream about Jesus on the day of his trial, prompting her to warn Pilate not to condemn him. (Matthew 27:19)

While not all dreams come from God, these Bible stories showcase dreams as an important medium for revelations, insight, and divine communication.

10 Examples of Warning Dreams People Believe Came from God

Beyond biblical accounts, many people have shared profound warning dream experiences they feel brought messages from God. Here are 10 intriguing examples:

1. Marie Antoinette’s Bloody Childbirth Dream

The doomed French queen is said to have had a dream foretelling her beheading. In it, she gave birth to a stillborn, bloody child, which she described to friends as a bad omen about 10 days before her execution.

2. Abraham Lincoln’s Assassination Premonition

President Lincoln reportedly had a dream a few days before his assassination where he walked through the White House and saw mourning and a corpse wrapped in funeral vestments. He supposedly woke up feeling unsettled.

3. The Titanic Coal Worker’s Foreboding Dream

A Welsh coal worker named John Harper had a nightmare about drowning at sea and tried to convince his daughter not to sail on the Titanic. Tragically, he perished when the ship sank, though his daughter survived.

4. The Warning Dream of Mahatma Gandhi’s Assassination

Just one week before his 1948 assassination, Gandhi confided in friends about a recurring dream where he was walking barefoot to attend his own funeral. Tragically, the dream soon became reality.

5. The Prophetic Plane Crash Dream of Mark Boyle

In the 1980s, performance artist Mark Boyle had a vivid warning dream his plane would crash, so he avoided flying for a year. Tragically, the very flight he dreamed about fatally crashed, vindicating his premonition.

6. The Childhood Vision of Pope John Paul II

When he was 9 years old, Karol Wojtyla (who later became Pope John Paul II) had a vision of the sun spinning and dancing. He later interpreted it as his life’s calling in the church.

7. The Warning Dream About Eric LeGrand’s Football Injury

In 2010, college football player Eric LeGrand shared that he had had an unsettling dream where he was injured on a kickoff but could not move, precisely foretelling his real-life spinal injury.

8. The Prophetic Warning Dreams of the 9/11 Attacks

In the months leading up to 9/11, many regular Americans inexplicably had repeated nightmares about plane crashes and building collapses, creating eerie foreshadowing of the attacks.

9. The Warning Dream About the Stock Market Crash of 2008

A trader named Joe had a vivid, ominous dream the night before the 2008 market crash where he was on the floor of a chaotic stock exchange. The next day, he witnessed the dream playing out in reality.

10. Premonitions About Natural Disasters and Tragedies

Throughout history, there have been reports of people having warning dreams or visions about natural disasters, accidents, or attacks that later took place, from fires to hurricanes and more.

Common Themes and Interpretations

These warning dreams and visions have some shared themes and suggested interpretations:

Symbolic Imagery and Metaphors

Dreams from God often contain symbolism or metaphorical images requiring some analysis, rather than literal interpretations. For example, Marie Antoinette’s stillborn baby likely represented her doomed future.

Foreshadowing Events or Fates

Many prophetic dreams provide a glimpse of events yet to unfold or the fate in store for a person, offering an early warning. Dreams have foreshadowed accidents, disasters, deaths, wars, and more.

Sparking Transformation

Another purpose of warning dreams may be to spur positive personal transformation. They can reveal flaws to correct, sins to repent, relationships to mend, or causes to pursue for the greater good.

Revealing Truths and Calling to Action

Some believe warning dreams can reveal deeper truths, life purposes, or urgent causes requiring action. They may inspire pivotal life or career changes or social justice efforts.

Divine Protection and Guidance

Dreams can also simply offer practical guidance or reassurance of God’s presence and protection during difficult times. They often bring comfort, courage, clarity, or confirmation of one’s path.

Why Do Some Have Warning Dreams and Visions?

If warning dreams do indeed come from God, why do some have such experiences while others do not? Here are a few possibilities:

Inherited Spiritual Gifts and Traits

Some believe prophetic dreams can emerge as inherited gifts passed down genetically. Tribal cultures revere visionaries in certain bloodlines.

Divine Calling

Those who feel called to a religious life, the clergy, or another spiritual purpose may receive more vivid communications and insight from God through dreams.

Prayer and Spiritual Openness

An active prayer life and spiritual openness could potentially make one more receptive to profound dreams, visions, and inner guidance from God.

Major Crossroads or Transitions

Times of drastic life changes, fateful decisions, grief, or uncertainty may stir up profound dreams as messages from the subconscious or divine guidance about the path ahead.

Psychic Sensitivity

While subject to debate, psychic sensitivity could theoretically make some people more prone to vivid, prophetic dreams and intuitions that tap into future events or hidden truths.

How to Handle Warning Dreams

If you have a vivid dream you suspect carries a warning or message from God, here is some guidance:

Pray for Understanding

Ask God in prayer to help you properly interpret the dream’s symbols and metaphors so you know how to respond appropriately.

Objectively Analyze It

Carefully analyze the dream details from an objective, rational perspective. Seek feedback from others. Consider scientific explanations too.

Seek Confirmation

Look for confirming signs in waking life or other dreams reinforcing the legitimacy and meaning of the warning dream.

Make Constructive Changes

If the dream reveals flaws to fix or sins to repent, have the courage to make those positive changes in alignment with God’s will.

Take Reasonable Precautions

Take sensible precautions if the dream foretells a specific danger but avoid overreacting or making major life changes based solely on a dream.

Find the Positive Message

Even if a warning dream feels ominous, seek the positive message. Perhaps it will reveal your life’s purpose, inspire needed change, or strengthen your spirituality.


In the end, warning dreams and visions often have profound effects on those who experience them, becoming the stuff of legend or even sparking religious movements. But generally, they highlight the idea that our intuitive, subconscious minds can sometimes perceive future events or uncover truths through surreal dream symbolism. Or, as believers contend, they show our connection to the divine, with God sending messengers and guidance through visions, dreams, and inner warnings.

Whether supernatural or not, analyzing warning dreams can provide valuable self-reflection. They may reveal secret fears and flaws, inspire purpose and growth, or prompt actions that ultimately transform lives for the better. So next time you have an unsettling or apocalyptic dream, consider it a blessing rather than a curse.

Kash is a talented 3D artist who has worked at Apple and Splash Damage, and many other projects within the Games Industry. He also loves to blog about spirituality. He is the co-founder of Spiritual Unite, where he combines his business and spiritual Interest to inspire others.

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