Twin flame numbers show up from time to time to help you along your journey and assist in the healing and flourishing of your relationship.

When you see twin flame number 101, you are entering a transitional stage in your relationship and should assess the path you are taking.

If you want to know the deeper meaning of 101 as it relates to twin flames, then keep reading below:

Numerology Of Twin Flame Number 101

The essence of a twin flame number is the sum of its digits, which in this case is 2.

2 relates to relationships, companionship and cooperation. More specifically to twin flames, it refers to the ideals of teamwork and shared responsibility.

101 also contains two 1s, which represent independence, self-reliance and beginnings. When it comes to twin flames, 1 is a significant number as it symbolises each twin flame.

11 is broadly seen as the twin flame number as it resembles the concept of mirrored souls.

0 is a transitional number, marking a dramatic change that is soon to come.

101: Prepare For Transition To A New Stage

When you see twin flame number 101, your twin flame relationship is about to move into a transitional stage before moving on to a new chapter.

As all twin flames know, progress is at the core of the relationship, so this news should be music to your ears.

However, that doesn’t mean that it will be easy.

Moving to greener pastures often involves an arduous journey with lots of sacrifices.

There will always be hard times in your twin flame relationship so you should prepare for that eventuality and know it is transient.

Allowing this transitional stage to come on without adequately preparing for it is leaving yourself open to pain and sadness.

The two of you should sit down and calmly discuss problems before they become too emotionally charged, getting ahead of the troubles coming your way.

It might seem counterproductive to bring up issues when things are fine between you, but its best to repair the boat before you hit stormy waters.

101: Picking A Direction

Everybody’s twin flame journey is different in subtle ways, and you and your twin flame build the direction of this journey.

While dealing with the effects of transition, many people forget to look ahead to where they’re going.

Sitting down and planning your future should be a priority during this time.

Not only can it help to remember what you are doing all of this for, but it can also be a great way to foster your connection and speed up the process.

It is all about taking the time to consider where you are going in your relationship and your life together.

Too many people sleepwalk into lives they never really wanted. You have already found your twin flame, so you have no excuse for not taking control of your destiny.

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