The Meaning Of 1010 In Numerology

Using numerology, we can learn a whole lot about ourselves and the world around us.

By noticing the appearance of unique numbers like 1010 and looking up their numerological meaning.

How these numbers apply to our lives, depend on context.

The number 1010 is a particularly spiritually significant number, and when it appears in our lives through synchronicity, we should take note.

But what does the number 1010 mean?

1010 Numerology: Beginnings & Ends

 The number 1 is the universal number of beginnings. It is the first number and signals the start of something new.

The number 0 is the void number, representing eternity special spiritual gifts and infinity in the universe.

When put together, they form 10 which signifies the beginning of something that takes us towards the void.

Spiritually speaking, this often means a period of ascension, where we move from one vibrational frequency to the next one higher.

In other words, we are ascending towards the Source consciousness from which we once sprang.

1010 is the empowered or concentrated version of 10 and denotes merely a stronger or more important signal from the universe.

Seeing 1010 consistently is a sign of imminent ascension in a lot of cases.

1010: Keep Walking The Path

1010 can also serve as a message of encouragement from our spirit guides, letting us know that we are on the right path.

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In this context, 1010 represents the spiritual journey as a series of new beginnings building towards oneness with the universal void.

Our spirit guides know that even the most driven and motivated among us need a little pat on the back sometimes.

We can take this opportunity to indulge ourselves by way of a reward.

That does not mean we can throw ourselves off of any wagon we have climbed on, but we can let someone else take the reigns while we have a well-deserved rest.

But then we must get back to our spiritual journey with renewed vigour.

The path only gets narrower and more difficult to follow as we travel it, so with each ascension and rise in our vibrations, we must meet the new challenges that are just a toe beyond the boundaries of where we currently are.

So 1010 can be a signal of encouragement, as well as a reminder that the work is not yet done.

1010: You Are In Control

Finally, 1010 reminds us that we are in control of our actions and thoughts and that the only reasonable choice is to grab life by the scruff of the neck and strive to improve through action every day.

Life is a series of new beginnings, new challenges and new obstacles to enlightenment.

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But we hold destiny in our hands as long as we are ready and willing to take action.

Only inaction, only passivity and standing by the wayside can take our control away.

1010 reminds us that we are each the masters of our universe.

That comes with a whole load of responsibilities – but it is, of course, one of the core things that makes life and consciousness so incredibly special.

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