According to the ancient art of numerology, we can take spiritual meaning from the numbers that appear in our lives. One of the numbers with the most spiritual meaning is 1010.

This number may also appear simply as 10, or as 10:10.

When this number repeatedly appears in your life, you are not simply experiencing a strange set of coincidences. What you are experiencing is an example of synchronicity – the Universe’s way of delivering us messages.

So what should we know about the spiritual meaning of 1010 and the messages the Universe uses it to deliver to us?

1010 – A Step Into The Void

The number 1 is the universal number for new beginnings. 1 tells us that we should take a step, start something new, or that a new stage of our life or our endeavours is about to begin.

It tells us to prepare for change and transformation.

The number 0, on the other hand, represents potential, universal consciousness and the void in which the Universe exists.

It represents the origin of the Universe and all life within it. It is perfect existence made whole again.

So the number 10 can mean a step into the void – or a move towards the summation of the Universe. In other words, the number 10 represents a step on our spiritual journey.

1010 & The Spiritual Journey

Our spiritual journey is a lifelong series of steps towards ascension, towards becoming closer to the origin of consciousness and the Universe.

With each step, we raise our vibrational frequencies and move closer to ascension, where we become one with the Universe once more.

When we receive 1010, we know that we are on the right path – but we also know that the journey continues.

It tells us that with every step we move towards ascension, but with every move towards ascension we are presented with another level.

The lessons continue even as we progress, and while we may be heartened that we are on the right track, we must not lose the drive to keep going.

1010 & Spirit Guides

And that is the real purpose of 1010. It is a sign of encouragement and guidance, rolled into one. Our spirit guides help us to know that we are on the right path, but this is more of a reminder to stay on that path.

A reminder that spiritual progress should be our number one priority at the moment.

So when you see 1010 repeatedly showing up in your life, take the opportunity to step up your spiritual practice.

Connect with your spirit guides and listen for instruction for the following steps in your spiritual journey. Contemplate your own status and the lessons you still need to learn.

1010 is encouragement, a pat and a shove to our back from the Universe.