11 Signs You Are Part Of The First Wave That Will Raise The Earth’s Vibrations

If you have listened deeply to your heart and felt that you have a role in changing the world, chances are you may have felt the “call” or “shift” that started about six to eight years ago.

The specific triggers for the shift in your thinking, perspectives, approach, mood, activities, or priorities might be a loss or death of someone you loved, a divorce or failed relationship, an illness or physical symptoms, or a strong sense of dissatisfaction in the midst of your accomplishments.


Having experienced as such, you feel lost, confused, and disconnected from your true purpose and path, being in agony physically, mentally, spiritually and emotionally.

The experience might look unfavorable, but this period of disconnection has to happen to prepare you for a special journey wherein your role is important as one of the various leaders for the new era that is coming.

The disconnection was meant to help you awaken as a part of this epoch’s First Wave, the first group of people who will influence and change the vibration of the world.

The challenges were given to assist you, resolve and cleanse mental issues or attachments, intensify your talents, and connect you with the deepest parts of yourself.

11 Signs You Are Part Of The First Wave That Will Raise The Earth’s Vibrations:


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So far, you might have considered yourself as part of this “first wave.” As a first-waver, you may have the following experiences:

1. You have a feeling that you don’t fit in, don’t belong or not able to connect with those around you.

2. You have a desire to find your true home or true spiritual family and community.

3. You feel that some entities are around you and may occasionally hear or see those entities.

4. You feel that you don’t achieve the success, relationship or happiness that you have been dreaming of, though you know you have the outstanding skills, abilities, and intelligence.

5. Your mood, emotions, and energy levels change according to the people or environment around you. You reflect these outside forces more than your own state or condition.

6. You have fleeting moments of awakening or consciousness.

7. You have vivid dreams, and even move, speak or act out while asleep.

8. You have periods of intense shedding of relationships, responsibilities, or priorities.

9. You feel that time moves faster.

10. You notice the synchronicities that are happening in your life, prompting you to believe that there are no coincidences or accidents.

11. You sense that what’s ahead may not be favorable, but the forthcoming global events have to happen that our planet may advance and the people may evolve.

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The following tips are helpful for the first-wavers:

1. You have to be in contact with others who possess high frequencies and vibrations.

2. You have to understand and accept that your role in this world is figuratively and literally closer to “home.” You may not need to save the whole world to actually play part in saving it, but shine your light where you are present. That might be what the world needs from you the most.

3. You have to learn to choose which foods are least toxic for your particular body and which activities, and environments could help you the most.

4. You have to heal residual mental, physical, spiritual and emotional wounds.

5. You have to remind yourself that you can’t save everyone.

6. You must practice, develop, and intensify your innate or learned skills and talents.

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