The twin flame journey is exciting, soul-affirming and crucial to consciousness in the Universe. Every journey has a beginning, of course, and the twin flame journey is no different.

The master number 11 signifies the “start” of the twin flame journey – though we will get into why that isn’t exactly true in just a sec!

So if you want to know the significance of 11 concerning twin flames and twin flame reunion, keep reading:

Twin Flame Beginnings & Master Number 11

The master number 11, 1111 etc. is directly related to the first step of the twin flame journey.

We call this number sequence the twin flame meeting or something similar, but the best descriptor for it is “twin flame reunion”.

That is because we have met our twin flames energy and sometimes face to face, many times before throughout our many lifetimes. We are not meeting them for the first time, but reuniting with them for the first time as twin flames.

This step on the twin flame journey is marked by master number 11.

Symbolism Of 1111

The number 11 and its derivatives graphically represent a gate or barrier. Passing through the number 11 can be seen as crossing a threshold, starting anew and wiping the slate clean to embark on a fresh journey.

11 is made up of two 1s, which all themselves have symbolic meaning for awakening and beginnings. Quadrupled, the symbolic power of 11 is doubled to 1111.

It is also remarkably similar to 11:11, which is a universal sign for twin flame reunion. This particular expression of 111 shows the balanced, dual nature of twin flames.

The Twin Flame Reunion

When twin flames reunite and begin the journey towards ascension, the real twin flame journey begins. Everything before has been prep work for this part of your soul’s journey through the ether.

This kind of preparation is always signified with some variation of 111, usually gaining more digits with proximity to your twin flame. That proximity is in time, by the way, rather than physical difference – as we already know that physical distance doesn’t affect twin flames the way it does everyone else.

But why is the beginning set here? All the prep work was a part of the twin flame journey, what makes this the beginning marker?

Yes, preparing your soul to meet your twin flame was a part of the process, but it is the unique vibrational frequencies of twin flames about to reunite that brings about the 1111 synchronicity.

Your actions have allowed you to move on to the first true step of the twin flame journey, and the Universe is primed to recognise that and respond with this particular master number.

What Next?

If you have been experiencing 1111 synchronicity, you should prepare for your twin flame reunion.

Keep your eye out for other twin flame synchronicities, other signs from the Universe that your paths will cross soon. These include seeing romance everywhere, your friends partnering off all at the same time, in addition to all the subtle signs that only you could understand.

And be excited! More and more of us are reuniting with our twin flames in this new era – and soon, you will too.

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