The Twin Flame connection is the most spiritually significant connection we share with another person. We have only one Twin Flame, with whom we share a single soul split into two separate expressions.

The numerical expression 11:11 is also spiritually significant. It tends to surface during times of increased spiritual importance as a sort of signpost from our spirit guides to let us know how our spiritual journey is going.

But how does the numerical expression 11:11 relate to the Twin Flame relationship, and what is its meaning in this context?

Wake Up Call

11:11 has long been associated with spiritual awakening. Previously non-spiritual people – or, more accurately, the pre-awakened – often see 11:11 show up in their lives around the time that they awaken spiritually and begin to access higher dimensions of consciousness.

This phenomenon can also be seen in the genesis of the Twin Flame relationship.

Even before meeting our Twin Flame, we contact them on the spiritual plane.

This often happens without us knowing about it, though with diligent spiritual practice it is entirely possible for us to be conscious of it.

For those that do not practice so diligently, the first clue that a Twin Flame meeting is about to happen is the appearance of 11:11.


The appearance of 11:11 when we are with our Twin Flame can represent balance. 11:11 itself is a balanced expression, representing the ideal of a Twin Flame relationship that we should strive for.

When we are in balance with our Twin Flame, we may see 11:11 pop up more often in our lives, particularly during or directly after spending time with our Twin Flame.

We may also find that 11:11 has a tendency to show up for significant milestones with our Twin Flame, such as anniversaries, birthdays or the progression from one stage of the relationship to the next.


Which makes sense, as 11:11 is well known to represent gateways. Specifically, 11:11 represents for many people the gateway between the 3rd and 5th dimensions of consciousness.

This gateway is essential in the Twin Flame relationship as it is a relationship that exists primarily on the spiritual plane, even as it is expressed on the physical plane.

It is doubly important when we take in to account the goal of the Twin Flame relationship – ascension.

When we fully attune with our Twin Flame, we can ascend together to a higher dimension of consciousness, merging our souls and restoring the original soul from which we split.

11:11 holds significance as a representation of this goal and process.

Two Minds

Finally, 11:11 holds symbolic significance in the Twin Flame relationship by reminding us of the nature of this particular beast.

While we are made of the same stuff as our Twin Flame, we are not the same –  we are mirror souls, not identical ones. We are at once separate and one.

Therefore, it seems that 11:11 may be the definitive numerical representation of the Twin Flame relationship in a mathematical expression of the universe.

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