13 Lightworker Awakening Symptoms

Did you know there is a massive conscious awakening happening on our planet right now? Well, you probably already know that, because things never felt right for you.

Throughout your childhood you knew you were different, you tried your hardest to adapt to everyone including your family and friends. There was something inside you that made you feel this was not the way.

For example, you could be sitting at the dinner table with your family, and everyone was eating meat, but you felt you could not harm another soul and you knew it was wrong.

This is just one example that showcases you are a lightworker. There are numerous names given to lightworker’s, whether you are a conscious hippy with the flag of peace or a witch, it means the same thing. You are here to raise the consciousness of the planet and its inhabitants.

There may be some confusion and doubt about who you are; this is just normal. So we’re going to make this easier for you by listing some signs you can recognise.

Lightworker awakening symptoms

Do you have any of the following characteristics or symptoms?


You always felt you were different from everyone and often you were misunderstood.

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Higher purpose

You always felt you were someone with a higher purpose in life, but you had no idea why.

Here to help

You could never refuse to help anyone in need, even when you tried. You are a natural helper.


You always had compassion, you can sense the emotions of people. You could also be an empath.

Always hurt

You seem to attract people who are bad for you because you always give without wanting anything in return.

Natural food

You are drawn to a plant-based diet, so you are either vegetarian or vegan.


You love nature, plants and animals. You can’t live without them.


You are very kind, and people always tell you that.


You are not afraid of death or dying, because you understand how the life-cycle works.

Not religious

You don’t follow any religion, but you understand the spiritual nature of things.

Not from here

You feel like you’re not of this world and you always had a strong desire to go home.

No interest in mainstream

You have very little interest in the mainstream, such as celebrities, sports and fashion.


You are mostly interested in jobs that help people.

There you have it, does this sound like you? Do you identify with the traits? If you do, then you are a lightworker.

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As a lightworker, it’s essential to nurture and further your abilities so that you can fulfil your higher purpose. This world needs people like you, so it’s crucial you maximise your potential.

When you do have this gift and ability, you can go out into the world to help others, or even connect with other lightworkers around the world.

It’s essential for us lightworker’s to form a circle of connection, after all, you are strategically placed on this planet for a very good reason.

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