The number 1717 meaning in love is known to be a warning about where your relationship is going, or how you are preventing yourself from being in a loving couple.

This number appears through mechanisms like synchronicity to help guide you through a difficult time in your life.

As you face challenges or are about to face challenges that require you to be conscious, present, and proactive, it is not a number to ignore.

It mostly appears to those who are a little shy or find it difficult to express themselves – especially when it comes to love.

You will see the 1717 sequence when you are at risk of losing your relationship or potential relationship by this tendency to keep things bottled up on the inside.

1717 Meaning: Love Needs Communication

Love needs communication to thrive, and productive relationships are the ones in which both partners feel able to express their feeling and emotions openly with one another.

It sounds obvious, and you might think that you are already communicating enough in this fashion, but often people mistake talking for communicating.

Dangerously, some couples even consider arguments as the way they communicate.

While this is one way of expressing yourself to each other, it is easily the worst way to anger and bringing your ego to that party makes the fight worse.

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Your ego will stop you saying what you mean to say, the way you mean it.

Seeing 1717 a lot means that you need to re-examine the way that you share your feelings with each other in your relationship.

In some instances, this might mean couples counseling, though not always.

Instead, it is usually enough to decide as a partnership to consciously communicate your feelings more.

1717 Meaning: Love Need Not Be Secret

If you aren’t currently in a relationship, the meaning of this number is slightly different.

Rather than referencing communication within a relationship, it is instead urging you to share the feelings you have for someone.

We have all kept our love for someone a secret at some point or another.

Sometimes there are good reasons, and if there are good reasons, then you will be better off keeping it that way.

But most of the time there is no good reason to keep your feelings to yourself.

If you have romantic feelings for someone, you need to let them know – for several reasons.

They might feel the same way.

By not telling them, you deny yourself and them a chance at happiness.

But even if they don’t, finding that out will allow you to move on in your life and will prevent more heartbreak in the long term as you build up a relationship that will never happen.

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They also deserve to know how you feel. At the moment, the person you desire may think that you only have platonic feelings for them.

So they are not fully aware of the true nature of your relationship.

Hiding your feelings is a form of deception that can lead to consequences for everyone involved.

So take the guidance of 1717 and its symbolic meaning, and relate to your partner or take your shot at love with a friend you are crushing on.