Number 21 regarded as the transformation number in numerology. Those people born under number 21 have to understand themselves and pass the change of their personality to understand the higher laws of the universe.

However, to achieve this, such individuals have to base their experiences from their past lives to know who they were. More so, they will also have to look deeper into their subconscious mind in the search for their real personality.

First, people with the number 21 often associated with great creativity and dedication. Not only are these people interested in ancient history and myths but also philosophy and issues of life and death. Nevertheless, they like to discover different aspects of life.

Unfortunately, people with number 21 are usually naïve in their early ages which brings them pretty much of confusions. After exposure to new experiences, they transform and become more reasonable and legible.

Individuals of number 21 will just have a shade of practicality on their idealism. Most people born under the number 21 follow instinctual impulses. They also believe in predestination. These means that they do what they think is right no matter the opinion of other people.

The number 21 people never assume any airs and graces this makes people feel safe around them. Also, people influenced by the number 21 are very sociable and easy to get along with people.

21 Numerology

Such people are very respectful for they respect others and feel what other people need. They also love and cherish those people close to them. Nonetheless, they are intuitive and sincere as well as romantic. People with number 21 are cautious when it comes to problem-solving.

First, they like to understand the essence of any problem. The 21’s can go within to gather information and carefully think about it. Lastly, 21’s will make a plan of action of solving that particular problem and strictly follow it.

People with the number 21 have been considered to be not only cheeky but also bubbly and attractive as well as oozing with charisma as they often start talking earlier than most other energies. They are also known to enjoy sporting activities.

Individuals with the number 21 are talented in writing and verbal skills. They can succeed in becoming either artists or writers even editors. Moreover, they are enthusiastic and inspiring and thus can uplift social gatherings and often serve as the life of the party. People with number 21 energy are excellent sales people. And more often, they are on the receiving end of affection.

The emotional life of people with number 21 can be called saturated. They possess all the qualities of number 2 and the energy of number 1. Such people require both the spiritual and physical communications. They are romantic for they are not weak sexually.

These people are the most intelligent and do not take pride in offending other people, but they can be annoying because they are very pessimistic. They also have a habit of dictatorship for they like things to be done their way.

Negatively, people with number 21 can be very nervous and paranoid when they run out of options and viable possibilities. At times, they can also be restless and overly-sensitive as well as unreliable.