23 Hidden Emotions Every Human Feels But Never Talks About

People commonly feel emotions, but they are not usually discussed because people feel that the moment they say a few things, they are already considered weak. They try their best to describe their feelings in a few simple words.

There are times when you do not know the proper words to describe the emotions that you are feeling but go through this article and find the appropriate terms for the emotions that you may feel.


1. Sonder – The feeling that people you pass by on the street are going through some situations that are as real as the ones you are experiencing.

2. Liberosis – This is the feeling that you get when you just want to stop caring.

3. Monachopsis – This is the feeling that you get when you feel out of place.

4. Enouement – Realizing that you are already in the future and seeing how things have worked out but you have no means of going back to the past to tell your past self how the future is like.

5. Nodus Tollens – Feeling that the life you have carefully planned out does not make any sense.


6. Onism – The feeling of being frustrated because you are stuck in one body and one place, doing only one thing at one time.

7. Opia – This is the feeling that you get when you look at someone in the eye and realizing that you are making yourself more vulnerable.

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8. Altschmerz – The feeling of being tired of going through the same old issues, the same old problems that you have not grown out of.

9. Anecdoche – The feeling of being part of a conversation wherein everyone is speaking, and no one is listening.

10. Ellipsism – The sense of sadness you get when you realize that you will never know anymore how some present things will turn out in the future.

11. Kuebiko – This is the feeling of being helpless in a world wherein there is senseless violence everywhere.

12. Lachesism – The sense of helplessness wherein you feel that you would like a disaster to strike to make you feel something again.

13. Exulansis – The feeling of trying to end a conversation because the story that you are trying to tell is not understood by your audience.

14. Vellichor – The feeling you get when you enter a used bookstore, and you feel its wistfulness.

15. Andronitis – The feeling of frustration that you experience when it takes so long for you to get to know someone.

16. Rückkehrunruhe – The feeling that you get when you return home from a pleasant trip only to realize that you are starting to forget about what you have gone through.

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17. Rubatosis – Being aware of each heartbeat your heart takes.

18. Kenopsia – The atmosphere of a place wherein there used to be a lot of people but right now, the whole place is silent.


19. Mauerbauertraurigkeit – This is the feeling that you get when you feel so sorry that you do not want anything to do with other people even if they are your family members and close friends.

20. Jouska – The feeling that you get whenever you make an imaginary conversation with someone else.

21. Occhiolism – Being aware of how small your perspective is in this vast world.

22. Chrysalism – The feeling that you get when you are safe and sound inside your home while it is raining cats and dogs.

23. Vemödalen – The feeling that you get when you are taking a picture of something so beautiful, but you know that a lot of same pictures already exist.

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