We all have psychic abilities. Some we inherit, and some we have developed over time. Some people accept that and explore the beautiful world of spirituality and self-awareness. While others deny and live their life with their eyes closed; they only believe in what they see from their physical eye and not the mental eye.

But no matter how much you want to resist, if you are a medium by birth, you cannot deny it. Know yourself by knowing the signs you’re a medium.

Signs You’re a Medium Or Psychic

If most of these signs are present in you then you definitely are a psychic medium:

1. Do you feel discomfort in darkness when you were a child? Or are you still afraid of dark?

2. Do you think that you are different from others?

3. In your childhood, did you have an imaginary friend that felt so real?

4. Do you dream a lot? From nightmares to lucid dreams, you have all kinds of dreams?

5. Can you control your dreams especially when you see any dead loved one like your grandma?

6. Do you see things moving here and there and when you concentrate, you find no movement at all?

7. Do you have a good memory and vivid imagination?

8. Are synchronicities the part of your life?

9. Do you feel that someone is watching you?

10. Can you tell if someone enters the room behind your back because you can sense energy shift?

11. Do you hear someone calling your name when no one is around?

12. Do you believe in paranormal activities or do they excite you?

13. Since your childhood, do you want to learn about spirits and ghosts?

14.Can you experience the pain of others in your own body?

15. Do you know things without reading about them?

16. Do you talk to yourself?

17. Do you feel sad suddenly and then this feeling goes away without any apparent reason?

18. Do you feel anxious while visiting some places for no reason?

19.Do you ask lots of questions?

20. Do you feel uneasiness for a day or two before someone is about to die in your relatives or neighborhood?

21. Do you see clear faces of unseen things especially when you wake up from sleep for no reason with the rushing heart?

22. Do you appreciate nature more than others?

23. Do you talk to animals even though they don’t understand you but you think they will?

24. Do you see colors or symbols around people through your mind’s eye?

25. Do you experience paranormal activities around you mostly but you don’t want to believe them?

26. Do you feel noises when you are home alone and when you follow the noise, there is no one to see?

These are the signs you’re a medium if your answer is “yes” to at least fifteen of these questions. If you are, then don’t worry, you are not alone. There are lots of other people who are like you. It is a gift not a curse! You should be thankful for what you have.

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