The number 3 in numerology means to avoid wasting the growing faith in yourself, at the same time you are to encourage others to develop their faith as well.

With the number 3 vibration you are someone who enjoys performing arts.

The number 3 is also feminine and a introvert and connects with the planet Jupiter. The tarot card representing this number is The Empress.

So in basic terms the number 3 is about growth. When the force of 1 unites with the 2 there is reward, which turns to 3 the trinity.

The number symbolizes that there is a thinking present, there is an outpouring of energy in action. The combination 1 and 2 results in creativity.

Another number 3 vibration in numerology is that joy and happiness is always shared with others.

The 3’s are always positive and have a fun energy to uplift their surroundings. They tend to be the joker and always have wonderful sense of humor and have charisma.

The 3 energy is very youthful, enthusiastic and have great communication skill.

Those with 3 energy will need to learn to think and focus and not try scatter their energies.

They will need to fully express their creativity and to harmonize their emotions. 3’s are very idealistic, the 3 energy is very powerful of the mind numbers. The 3 person needs to exert and put effort in the mental spheres. There tends to be mental laziness.

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What Does 3 Mean in Numerology

The 3 person has the gift of words and communication, also inspiration, joy and cheerful optimism.

The 3 energy loves to share their joy with others. Another number 3 significance is the energy of the creator, which means they like to light the fire of life.. in other words they can feel joy and enthusiasm for living a good life.

The energy of 3 is very charming, social and entertaining. They are very intelligent and want the best in life, either pleasant, luxurious or beautiful.

They feel they should be inspiring and making the world more beautiful. 3’s have natural ability to take anything and create something really beautiful from it.3 numerology 2

The other symbolism of the number 3 is the principle of increase, abundance and growth on the physical, mental, emotional, financial and spiritual levels.

The number 3 may affect you like it could be difficult to avoid putting on weight. Read this article for Number 4 Numerology

12 12 Meaning in Numerology

The 1212 meaning in Numerology or the number 12, is about the cycle of experience when you have reincarnated, number 12 signifies that you have completed a full cycle of experience and you have gained knowledge of regeneration towards higher consciousness.

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12’s belong to the group of very developed souls who have gathered inner strength through many life times.

12’s may still have problems from their past life which are habits they need to change. By reversing the negative thoughts into positive ones it can aid you to achieve your goals and dreams.

However there some warning 12’s need to be aware of, is that to be suspicious of those who offer high positions, and aware of anyone with false flattery and those who use it to gain their own needs. Read this article for meaning of 1212.