4 Common Signs Of Spiritual Growth

Along with our spiritual journey, we will enter into periods of accelerated spiritual growth, but what are the signs that tell us that we are experiencing this progress on our spiritual journey?

It’s important we know. After all, how can we know we are making progress without tangible signs?

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We’ve put together a list of the most common signs that you can look out for:

Signs Of Spiritual Growth | Your Body And Mind Buzz With Energy

The most obvious sign – both to us and to the people around us – is the sudden increase in spiritual energy that flows through the body during periods of spiritual growth.

This manifests how you would imagine it does.

A light buzzing or tingling around your energy centres is common, as well as a feeling of being unstoppable, boundless energy and an increase in determination for self-improvement.

You will feel invigorated, almost hyperactive at times.

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But beware – there are downsides to this upshift in energy.

Without taking proper care of yourself during this time, you might find that you burn yourself out. Remember to meditate, to stay hydrated and to remain as grounded as possible during this time.

You Resist Negative Energy

Your vibrations are rising to a higher frequency, which provides a level of protection from and resistance to negative energies.

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Internally, you will find that negative emotions are felt less vigorously and do not last as long as they otherwise might. Anger, fear, anxiety, jealousy – all those base emotions that serve little use for evolved beings find it difficult to gain a foothold.

Externally, you will find that the negative energies emitted by others have little to no effect on you.

You exhibit patience and understanding, even as they might act unfairly and harshly towards you.

In fact:

You Radiate Positive Energy

Those virtues of high energy beings begin to come easier to you.

It is easier to forgive others their faults and flaws, more comfortable to resist the temptations of those that want you to stray from your path, and much, much easier to love.

In fact, while you might find that happiness, kindness and generosity come a lot easier, it is love that is happening more naturally to you.

Love is the highest frequency emotion and as we grow spiritually we become more and more loving in nature.

Spirituality Becomes More Natural To You

Finally, the most common sign is that you simply feel more spiritual.

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You will find that the spiritual practice you do is much easier to accomplish and that you can take it further.

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You can meditate for more extended time and reach deeper into the spiritual world for guidance. Your mission becomes a little clearer.

And you’ll need it.

With every period of spiritual growth comes a renewed commitment to the journey. The next stage will be more challenging than the last.

But with the progress you have already made, with the growth you have already achieved, you know within your soul that you are equal to the challenges that lie ahead.

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