Seeing 4 crows together can have an important symbolic and spiritual meaning. In many cultures and spiritual traditions, crows and ravens hold a special significance and are seen as spirit messengers. When these mystical birds appear in groups or 4’s, it can be a sign to pay attention and tune into any messages the spirit world may be trying to convey.

Native American Traditions about 4 Crows

In Native American culture, spotting 4 crows is viewed as a powerful omen representing the 4 cardinal directions and the cycle of life. The number 4 is sacred in Native teachings, representing the 4 elements of air, fire, water and earth that make up all of creation.

Seeing 4 crows flying together implies wholeness and balance between the elemental energies. It signifies coming full circle with a situation in your life, passing an important milestone, or achieving an aim. The 4 crows remind you to celebrate how far you’ve come.

Celtic Beliefs about the Meaning of 4 Crows

In Celtic wisdom, birds have long been seen as messengers from the Otherworld. Spotting 4 crows was considered very auspicious by the Druids. They viewed crows as the protectors and prophesiers of the future.

When 4 crows appear to you, it means you are in the presence great magic and divination. You are being presented with a glimpse of forthcoming events and encouraged to prepare wisely. Seeing the 4 crows implies a powerful time of change and transformation is imminent.

4 Crows as Spirit Guides

Across many indigenous cultures, crows and ravens are the spirits that guide shamans and medicine people in their mystical visions and travels between worlds. They are seen as the ultimate shape-shifters and rule-breakers, representing the need to think outside the box to find unconventional solutions.

So when 4 crows appear to you, it signifies it’s time to start thinking ‘outside the box’. Pay attention to any flashes of insight, moments of inspiration or ‘Aha!’ ideas that come your way over the coming days. The crows are telling you that despite things seeming impossible right now, there ARE still possibilities and solutions to be found if you’re willing to shift your mindset.

Signs from the Spirit World

Some people believe seeing 4 crows is a sign from the spirit world and supernatural realm. It implies that there are powerful forces around you, supporting and guiding you through a significant life transition.

The crows remind you to stay closely connected your intuition and inner wisdom. It’s time to heighten awareness of any synchronicities, symbolism or repeating number patterns in your daily life as they will contain guidance from spirit.

Messages to Stop Overthinking

Alternatively, spotting 4 crows can be a message to stop overthinking things so much! In the Tarot deck, the Suit of Swords represents the mind, thoughts and over-analysis. So seeing 4 crows could spirit’s way of letting you know it’s time to release, relax and stop endlessly mulling things over.

When our minds get stuck churning on an issue, it becomes impossible to hear the intuitive answers trying to break through. The crows prompt you to switch off from constant thinking and come back into the present moment. Great clarity will come when you give your busy mind a rest.

Symbolism of Seeing Different Numbers of Crows

One Crow

Seeing a single crow represents sorrow, sadness, and bad luck. It can signify the loss of something valuable like a relationship, job, or opportunity. The one crow is viewed as a bad omen bringing difficulty, pain, or unexpected hardships your way.

Two Crows

When two crows appear together, they symbolize joy and happiness entering your life soon. The two crows imply good luck and positive changes are manifesting for you. Their presence marks the end of a difficult period and the beginning of more prosperous times.

Three Crows

In many traditions, three crows signify a celebration like a wedding or birth coming your way. They can predict happy news about a marriage, engagement or new baby soon. The three crows are seen as messengers of this happy event destined to come into your life.

Four Crows

Four crows imply blessings, good fortune, new beginnings, and the start of a new cycle. Their appearance announces a birth or the start of a significant new project or opportunity. The four crows usher in a phase of improvements, beneficial transformations and fresh starts in your situation.

Five Crows

When five crows appear, they represent the coming of wealth, money and improved finances. Their presence signifies financial luck and stability entering your life soon. It can also relate to secrets that must be kept confidential for now until the timing is right.

Six Crows

Six crows predict troubles, loss, and misfortune soon to manifest. They imply difficult times, unexpected hardships, strife, and the need to protect yourself energetically/emotionally at this time. The six crows caution you to prepare for trying events.

Seven Crows

Seeing seven crows speaks of secrets and confidential information that cannot or should not yet be revealed. Their appearance signifies discreet matters that you must keep to yourself for now until the timing is right for them to come to light. Hold anything sensitive closely guarded.

Eight Crows

Eight crows symbolize endings, loss and grief. They signify that a relationship, situation, project or important era in your life is coming to a completion soon. The eight crows imply it is time to let go and surrender what is no longer serving your highest good.

Nine Crows

When nine crows appear, they represent the fulfillment of wishes and attainment of goals. Their presence implies your hard work and focus is paying off allowing your dreams and aspirations to manifest. The nine crows signify the magic of manifestation.

Ten Crows

Ten crows symbolize great wealth, riches and abundance flowing your way soon. They bring a solid foundation for generating prosperity, money and security for the future. The ten crows predict financial as well as spiritual blessings entering your reality.

Eleven Crows

Eleven crows signify secrets and personal information suddenly being revealed in surprising ways. Their appearance implies confidential matters or hidden truths are going to unexpectedly come to light in the near future, for better or worse.

Twelve Crows

When twelve crows appear together it represents a very fortuitous sign of good luck, success and positive outcomes in your current projects or endeavors. Their presence marks a time of achievement, victories and wishes being fulfilled according to your hopes and efforts.

Thirteen Crows

Thirteen crows is the most ominous and cautionary of all numbers of crows in terms of symbolism. Their appearance warns of grave danger, severe misfortune, catastrophe and even death manifesting soon. Take their appearance as a serious warning to be extremely cautious.


Whether spotted in real-life, dreams or visions, the appearance of 4 crows bears an important spiritual meaning. They bring a message that powerful forces of change and transformation are gathering around you, guided by spirit. Seeing the 4 crows implies it’s time to think outside the box and align more closely with your own inner wisdom and intuition. Pay attention to any symbolic signs, synchronicities or moments of inspiration that come your way over the coming days as they will contain guidance to help you transition to the next chapter of your life’s journey.


What does the number of crows mean spiritually?

The number of crows you see has different symbolic spiritual meanings. For example, 2 crows symbolizes joy and harmony while 4 crows represents good luck and blessings. Seeing 6 crows predicts hardships ahead and 12 crows signifies wishes coming true and victory.

What does it mean when crows gather in large numbers spiritually?

When crows gather in large, noisy groups called “murders”, it is believed to signify an intense concentration of mystical energy. A large gathering of crows implies major magical workings, rituals and powerful witchcraft is at play spiritually. It represents supernatural forces gathering.

What is the spiritual meaning of a black crow?

Black crows symbolize mysticism, magic and the unknown realms. They imply powerful forces at work and are seen as spirit messengers delivering insight, wisdom and secret knowledge from beyond the veil. Spotting a lone black crow represents developing your psychic gifts.

What does seeing a group of crows mean?

Seeing a group or “murder” of crows generally implies mystical forces and spirit energies at play. The number of crows you see holds symbolic meaning with different numbers signifying different messages. Pay attention to recurring sightings of specific numbers of crows for deeper insight.