It isn’t too complicated to figure out if a man is physically attracted to you-you might notice him checking you out, initiating physical contact, all those kinds of things – but it is more difficult to know the signs that he is emotionally attracted to you.

Men tend to bottle up those feelings, along with all the other ones that make them feel vulnerable.

Luckily, there are some subtle signs of emotional attraction that you can look out for in any man. We’ve put together a list of the essential signs you should look out for:

He Is Happy Around You

 Whenever he is around you, he is smiling. His energy is up, and he talks more, he’s up for adventures and whatever else you want to do.

Hey, he’s happy to be there.

That’s the effect that emotional attraction has on a man. He forgets his worries and woes and for a moment at least feels ecstasy in being alive at this moment with you.

Why wouldn’t he be beaming from ear to ear?

He Shares His Feelings

 Men tend to keep their feelings bottled up. They hate to feel vulnerable, preferring to hide their emotions behind a steely facade.

But he isn’t like that around you.

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When you are alone, he feels comfortable sharing his innermost fears and desires.

You might have to prompt him, perhaps offer something first, but once you have shared a little you might find that the floodgates open and he shares those feelings.

He hates being vulnerable, all men do. But he doesn’t mind being vulnerable with you.

He Introduces You To His Friends & Family

 Nothing says, “I want you in my life”, more than a man introducing you to his family and friends. These are the people most important to him, the people he loves and likes the most.

And you are being inducted into that circle.

This is a display of trust, as well as a commitment of sorts. Not only does he want to include you in his favourite group of people, but when you aren’t around, he wants them to ask him about you.

Sex Isn’t The Goal

 Men are often portrayed in popular culture as wanting just one thing:


But in truth, men – like women – value emotional connections far more than physical ones.

He doesn’t care all that much about sex. Sure, he wants you, but he’s perfectly happy delaying intimacy in favour of building that emotional connection in other ways.

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When he comes over to hang out, sex isn’t his goal – just being around you is more than enough for him.

So those are the 4 sure signs that he is emotionally attracted to you. Spotting these signs in a man you are seeing is a surefire way of knowing that he is into you on more than just a physical level.

He might not say it often enough – or even at all, depending on the guy – but he doesn’t need to when he’s showing you that he cares.