4 Most Important Intuitive Warning Signs That You Always Need to Listen

Your intuition is that part of you which offers proper guidance in your life unceasingly. It directs your soul to the right path that leads you to cosmic alignment.

You will come to hear this inner voice once you calm your mind and find stillness within.


It is not as easy as it seems, though. You need to give it some time and practice.

Above all, you need to be able to distinguish between your intuitive voice and the voice of your ego. Your ego voice seeks only to serve itself and can often lead to your downfall.

Intuition unlike the ego, is not aggressive nor demanding. It kindly and calmly speaks to you and guides you, most often through emotion.

But, when you see the following warning signs, it means your intuition is telling you to pay more attention to it.

4 Most Important Intuitive Warning Signs:

1. You are indecisive.

In making the right decisions, your intuition is always available to help you out.

Feeling indecisive means your intuition is sending you signals that your choices may not be the best for you.


There may be some things that you need to consider before making an important decision. It is best to wait some more and listen for more clues from your inner wisdom.

Give time for meditation to achieve clarity. And always remember, choose the decisions that feel right even if they sound a little irrational.

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Your intuition doesn’t follow the rules of logic. It is connected to higher levels of intelligence that your logical mind cannot fully grasp and comprehend.

2. You seek approval from other people.

There is nothing wrong with seeking advice from other people if your purpose is to see some blind spots you would have missed in the decision-making process.

Seeking approval from others is only unhealthy when it is their validation you want to seek. Or, in some cases, you may be undermining the truth that you have already perceived.

Not hearing your intuition clearly is the most tempting time to listen to others. When you find yourself seeking out everyone’s opinion, take some time off and listen more to what your intuition is telling you.

After all, it is your life. People can only give advice but won’t be there to suffer with you should you face unwanted consequences resulting from your wrong choices.

3. You feel drained of energy.

When you surround yourself with the wrong company or put yourself in an unlikely place or situation, your intuition will come to your rescue.

Feeling energetically drained or depleted is one of your intuition’s tools of getting your attention and letting you know that the place or people are not really good for you.

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Once you catch yourself in any of these situations, try to listen to your intuition by meditating.

If you agree that the place or those people are not really good for you, than just stop going there and hanging out with them.


You will feel recharged after you have removed yourself from the space or the company of people.

That’s your biggest sign that you’ve done the right thing for you.

4. You feel something is not right.

Having a general feeling of “offness” is your intuition’s most common and most serious warning sign. You feel that something is not quite right. You can’t explain it, but you feel it.

Ask your intuition for the next best steps to take. You also have to make sure that nothing is causing you to feel stressed and anxious because these emotions often get confused with this “offness” feeling of intuition.

But when you notice that the overall feeling of “offness” is accompanied by indecisiveness and feeling zapped, you must pay attention to your intuition.

Check with yourself by taking deep breaths or meditation. Once you calm your mind, you may hear clearly what your intuition tells you.

 Always choose the decision that feels more light and more right in your heart.


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