4 Out of Body Experience Symptoms You May Know

For a lot of people who are not familiar with out of body experience symptoms, these signs can be very scary. For the beginner who has not experienced it, fear can get in the way of experiencing this amazing ability. That’s why it is good to know some signs or symptoms that often turn up.

Sleep paralysis

The first sign of out of body experience symptoms is sleep paralysis, getting used to this symptom is very difficult. In everyday life, our physical and psychical self convene in one coherent feeling. In sleep paralysis, your mind is awake, but your body is sleeping. You may want to, but you won’t be able to move any part of your body. Just like someone threw a very heavy cover over you. The key is to relax, and embrace the power of your mind wandering, not your legs.


Energetic charge/vibrations

There is a big chance you will feel some kind of vibration. Some call it vibrations, others call it tingle.[wp_ad_camp_4] But for sure, it is some kind of energetic flicker, not visible to other people watching (if there are any). It means that your body is not actually shivering, you just feel electrified. Intensity may vary from slight trembling to strong pulse like shaking. And, of course, there is a chance you don’t feel any.

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Undefined sounds or noises

Just like the vibrations, the following symptom cannot be precisely explained. It’s good to highlight that the two usually go together. Those are undefined sounds or noises. People describe them as buzzing, humming or whirring. Also, as white noise, obscure murmur or a train rushing by. The only thing that’s clear from the depiction is how much these sounds deviate from person to person. And not only in quality, but in quantity too. They could be pretty loud, but it’s unlikely that the intensity will be the same throughout the whole experience.out of body experience symptoms

Out of body experience symptoms: Sinking into Bed feeling

Another out of body experience symptoms that may appear is sinking into bed feeling. It can be disturbing, especially combined with body numbness, as you have no control over your body or current situation. Also, if you’re outside of your bedroom, you could be sinking into the ground, the sensation is not bed-related. This symptom comes in few variations. One is the exact opposite. You’re not sinking – but floating or levitating above the bed or ground. And another one is spine-chilling, as it has the element of surprise – a sudden fall.


As you get to know this new side of yourself, you’ll feel much lighter, almost like a cartoon ghost. From this position, you may be able to perceive your own physical body from above. It’s like in movies, when a soul exits the body and watches it as it distances. Then, as a ghost, you can pass through solid objects, like walls, closed doors and furniture. And finally, you’ll have the freedom to cross great distances in seconds. It may be hard or even impossible for amateurs to accomplish this state, but with enough focus and few attempts, everybody can do it. Just relax and have fun with yourself!

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