Sometimes you JUST KNOW when you are with your soul mate. This instinctive feeling emanates from deep within. For many people, unfortunately, this is not enough; they need assurance that they are in fact in the presence of their soul mate, someone who can bring them eternal bliss.

The universe has its mysterious ways of giving us indicators, to let us know that our soul mate is in our life. A strong psychic connection develops as a result of these indicators.

An Instant spark even after separation

You felt an instant spark when you met someone for the first time, but then some complications distanced you from that person. Maybe you had to travel or shift your home. But then out of the blue, you met them again in unexpected circumstances. There are no accidents in life. Vital and organic events run their course for a reason.

Everything in this life is edging you closer to your destiny. You just have to believe in the ways of the universe, instead of falling prey to scepticism. If the universe is giving you the opportunity to meet someone again, it’s a sign that it’s trying to bring you two together.

When you see them again, you sense a similar energy that you felt in your previous meeting. This can only happen if you have a deep psychic connection

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2. A strong telepathic connection

When you’re with your soul mate and your mental frequencies are synchronised, you just know what they are going through. The whole world might be unaware of their struggles. It might turn a blind eye, but you will always get vibes that there is something that is pestering them.

They can try to hide their emotions, but it’s going to be futile. This is a blatant sign that a strong psychic connection between soul mates has formed. You feel as if your soul mate’s pain and happiness is yours.

You don’t have to express your emotions; your intuitions tell you the whole story.

Distance cannot separate you

You and your soul mate might not be physically around each other at all times, but you’ll feel mentally connected. You’ll feel a crushing feeling in your bones when you miss them dearly.

A telepathic connection that defies the laws of physics will form between you two. You’ll sense their presence even when you eat or sleep.

You might be busy in an important task, but mentally, you’ll be preoccupied in each other’s thoughts.

Powerful chemistry

You lose interest in worldly attractions. You prioritise the company of your soul mate over everything. You’d rather sit at home and do nothing with them, instead of going to the cinema and watching a blockbuster movie.

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Even when both of you aren’t speaking, you are communicating with each other through silence. It’s like both of you are filling this silence with words of love and affection that it’s making you both go gaga.

These are all the signs of strong psychic connection between soul mates. Are you paying attention to them?