Sure Twin Flame Union Signs: Twin flames are energetic mirrors of each other. They complete each other in every sense of the word.

But how can we ascertain that we have finally come across our fated twin flame?

The notion of twin flames is an ancient one, but as societies have gained cultural exposure and understanding, it is more widely known and accepted.

The difference between a twin flame and soul mate is that a soul mate isn’t necessarily your lover; it can be your friend, family member or anyone you feel a belonging towards.

But a twin flame is always, without question, your romantic lover.

Sure Twin Flame Union Signs

You share intense energy that draws you towards them, both romantically and emotionally.

The twin flames were sequestered into two distinct souls by the divine source before they were physically embodied and sent to different worlds.

That is why, whenever they come across each other, they feel a sense of familiarity, an inexplicable urge to stay together forever.

Their reunion on Earth is their ultimate encounter, one that gives them the opportunity to find solace and harmony in each other’s company once and for all.

However, this reunion demands a lot from both the twin flames.

Sometimes, people mix karmic relationships with twin flame relationships because periods of intense stress marks both.

But there are still distinct differences that can help you differentiate between the two.

A sense of familiarity

When you meet your twin flame in the physical world, you’ll instantly feel as if you’ve reached home.

You’ll feel as if you’re looking into your mirror. You will share mutual beliefs, thoughts, and values.

This discovery will dumbfound you at first, but deep down you’ll know that it all makes sense.

In their absence, you’ll always feel nostalgic and hollow.

The runner and chaser dynamic

One of the most distinguishing characteristics of twin flame relationships is the runner and chaser paradigm.

One of the twin flames is almost always spiritually immature (mostly the masculine energy twin flame), and hasn’t yet resolved his emotional issues.

He’s still trying to subdue his self-ego, and cleanse himself of his harrowing past.

That is why, whenever he is exposed to love, he merely runs away.

The other twin flame pursues him endlessly and is called the chaser.

Twin flame relationships propel us towards illumination

The sole purpose of a twin flame relationship is to catalyse the process of spiritual ascension.

We stumble across our twin flames at a time when we’re caught up in an existential crisis.

They align us with our higher consciousness and propel us towards our purpose in life.

They compel us to face our self-ego, fears and insecurities so that we can rise anew and become better versions of ourselves.

Fated to reunite

The best thing about a twin flame relationship is that no matter how many times twin flames estrange themselves from each other; the universe will find a way to reunite them.

The eye contact between twin flames is fiery and intense.

Time ceases to move forward, and everything is at a standstill when two twin flames reunite.

The twin flame connection is a life-altering and powerful force that makes us see the reality of the world and saves us from the depth of despair.

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