An Empath is someone who has the power to feel and read energy at a much higher level than those who lack it. We all have empathy, but the Empath takes feeling emotions to a whole new level.

In essence, an Empath can psychically experience the feelings, thoughts and emotions of others with more complexity than the person who is feeling it. They might not even need to try, though with minimal training an Empath can quite easily master their psychic abilities.

But how do you know if you are an Empath?

Personality Traits Of An Empath

As it turns out, Empaths share certain qualities, and we have listed the 5 most common personality traits that all Empaths share.

1. Empaths Vividly Experience The Emotions Of Others

The core personality trait of an Empath is the ability to experience the emotions of others as if they were their own emotions.

For the untrained Empath, this can be overpowering at times. They often feel emotionally exhausted due to the sheer amount of emotion thrust upon them.

But with practice, the Empath can shut out these experiences with psychic shielding. Sometimes this is necessary if you are already exhausted and need to refuel.

The best way is to remove yourself entirely until you are rejuvenated and balanced. Other times, allow it to flow through you, it helps the person who is emotionally shut down to process their energy.

2. Empaths Have A Strong Sense Of Justice

Empaths are uniquely placed to understand the thoughts and motivations of others, so they have a keen sense of fairness and justice as they know that we all experience the same kinds of feelings and emotions.

Seeing injustice in the world gets to an Empath way more than it would a normal person.

Some people might accuse an Empath of being overly invested in this way, but it is more like the Empath is immune to being desensitised to injustice and inequality.

3. Empaths Enjoy Alone Time

This does not mean that Empaths are loners – quite the opposite! Empaths love to be around people and have a lot of time for social activities.

But Empaths do tend to treasure their alone time away from the intrusive aspects of experiencing the emotions of others. This is usually described as being “burned out” or needing to “recharge the batteries”.

Being around others is draining for an Empath, an effect that can only be lessened by your commitment to looking after yourself and not letting others use you.

4. Empaths Are Creatively Driven

Many Empaths who do not follow the spiritual route (more on that in a minute) tend to find themselves in creative industries. Those that buck that trend try instead to bring creativity to a non-creative role.

This tendency is because Empaths are not only great at reading energy, they also have naturally stronger auras and energies.

5. Empaths Are Excellent Confidantes

Finally, Empaths often find themselves as the go-to person in their friendship circle for people who need to get things off of their chests.

This is because it is natural and comfortable to trust an Empath, especially as they are very rare in their ability to fully understand the thoughts and feelings of the person who is confiding in them.

If you have these abilities, you should look into spending time with an experienced Empath. They can help you put up a psychic shield if you need one.

It is always smart to have at least one good tool to help preserve your energy. Otherwise, allow, let the emotional energy flow through you. Empaths are the emotional filters for the human race.