It happens quite often: you tentatively check out your daily horoscope, hoping to read some exciting news about your love prospects, and bigger financial opportunities.

Instead, you are greeted with multiple planetary retrogrades ringing warning bells for a stagnant life growth.


It can be really disappointing. And no wonder it plants the seeds of skepticism in your head.

Well, debates surrounding the validity of Horoscope and Astrology in our daily lives isn’t news, rather it goes a long way back.

Ever since the inception of contemporary Astronomical studies, all the serious-minds in the world took it as a moral obligation to question the applicability and logic behind the concept of Astrology.

But it made Astrology even more popular amongst people all across the globe.

Just as in the case of spiritual inclination, believing in Astrology is all about personal preference of whether or not you are willing to invest your faith into something, According to Horoscopelogy.


Besides it’s a science that has proven its worth and power time and time again. But for no practical reason, some people still believe it’s hokum and has no good use.

So for all the doubting Thomases out there, we have brought five reasons that will not only make you a fan of Astrology but will cement your trust in its existence and materiality.

Take a look:

History Suggests It

You may not know but Astrology has a special place in history. It is being studied for a really long time, even longer than you could ever imagine.

The origin of Astrology can be traced back to thousands and thousands of years, right about the time when humans had a conscious awakening to the world of Astronomy.

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Some primal evidence in form of Astrological charts and ancient cave paintings are still available.

Astrology has been mentioned in plenty of religious texts as well, which is an integral proof to the fact that pioneers of spirituality and religion were quite into it.

Plus, it is considered the oldest form of fortune telling.

Brightest Minds in The World Seeked Astrological Help

Anyone who thinks any less of Astrology must know that the most brilliant personalities to have ever lived on Earth were renowned astrologers.

We are talking about Sir Isaac Newton, Hippocrates, and who can forget Nostradamus and his prophecies.

If you think we went too far back in time, then here are some examples of modern-day greats who used Astrology.

Walt Disney, the genius behind the name-sake entertainment brand used Astrological timings for business-related decisions like movie dates, theme parks, etc.

Another biggie in the list is former President Ronald Reagen who used Astrological timings and dates to launch his official campaigns and country’s policies.

His love affair with Astrology is well-documented in many newspapers and US journals.

Live The Dream

While exploring your zodiac sign, you will come across characteristics that have a significant influence on your daily life, leading to an even intense state of self-introspection.

This way you get to know yourself better and can realize what do you want most in life.

Astrology is a great way to make all your dreams come true.

You can easily identify what inspires you, and what throws you off your course, you can figure out the best path that takes you towards success.

Even Professionals Use It

Carrying on to the notion even the most popular scientists in the world were fond of Astrology.

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There are plenty of professionals who use it as an easy and effective way to land on important professional decisions.


And why not, because you can actually utilize the same useful knowledge even the most powerful people like mathematicians, physicists, famous celebrities looked up to for excelling in their career.

There has to be something unique about this science that let people like Galileo fall for it.

It’s Cool

First off, Astrology is all ‘you’- centric. You get to explore deep insights into your own character and the behavioral tendencies your zodiac is known for.

You can actually find out what kind of people you are compatible with or who could be your best financial partner.

Next, it is as interesting as it is fun because reading horoscope or even your birth chart for that matter is pretty intriguing.

You don’t know what to expect right at that very moment. You may be in big trouble or maybe you are about to win a lottery, it can be anything.

Things like lucky numbers, lucky colors, relationship compatibility, etc. are something that you would only find in Astrology. Oh, and we forget to mention, the celebs with the same sign as you.

There is nothing like seeing your favorite movie star leading a life just like you.

The world of Astrology is vast and requires a great deal of in-depth knowledge to understand it thoroughly. But, for any layman, it is a science that can help them know about the intriguing and unknown aspects of their future.

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