5 Space Discoveries & Mysteries That Could Prove Alien Life Exists

Space is a truly fascinating place and is constantly proving to us that we are a million miles way from understanding whats going on out there, it’s just full of mysteries. The mysteries and discoveries in this video are not only still unexplained but also incorporate the possibility that extraterrestrials are responsible for them.

From the mysterious bright spots on a Dwarf Planet to the unexplained dimming of a Star 1500 light years away from earth. Here are five space mysteries and discoveries that continue to baffle top scientists.

So that’s five space mysteries that all involve some kind of possibility of extraterrestrial being involved. Take a moment tonight to look up at the stars and realize how tiny we are here on this spec of dust we call a planet in the middle of the universe. It really helps you to put things in perspective and helps you to understand how many of us can overlook the most important things in life and worry for too much about the meaningless things.

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