5 Spiritual Awakening Stages We go Through

5 Spiritual Awakening Stages You can go Through

One of the most difficult things we can go through in the spiritual life would be the spiritual awakening stages, just like the caterpillar transforms into a butterfly. We as human beings go through a very similar and dramatic change, we unfold the path to liberate our self from within the depths of our soul and emerge after some struggle as a spark of the divine in the world.

Below is the 5 Spiritual Awakening Stages We can Experience

Stage 1
I believe before we can go through a spiritual awakening, you will have to experience something very dramatic in your life. It can be anything dramatic in your life, like losing a loved one, near death experience, illness that could have taken your life or something amazing as meeting your twin flame (check out the article meeting your twin flame) or you could have a spiritual awakening from some healing you have received.



Stage 2
In spiritual awakening stages 2 you begin to notice your perception changing and you feel different. This will also influence how you see yourself in your own reality. You are now beginning to question everything. Now you feel very unclear about everything that is happening to you, it is very confusing and not comfortable for you.

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You can also begin to notice and experience spiritual awakening symptoms, you may see 1111, many synchronicities, dreams and visions.. see and hear things no one else will notice, you may be wanting to seclude. For more about this you may want to read this article on spiritual awakening symptoms.

Stage 3
Other spiritual awakening stages were about seeing and feeling, this stage is about action. You know in this stage at a soul level what you should be doing to make yourself happy in your life, but you may question it as your ego plays a bit. You may need to reexamine everything in your life.

spiritual awakening stages 2

The 5 spiritual awakening stages


Everybody in your life, from friends, family, job and partnerships, you will see everything from a new perspective and you will begin to change things to serve your purpose. During this stage many will question, what they are here to do and they will strive to find their purpose. You would probably make some tough choices in this stage.

Stage 4
This is the stage is when things slowly begin to settle down for you. You have made many changes and you are content with how things are going in your life. You will feel very alone and isolated, but you realize in your soul that you have made the right choices. Now you know you are on the right path.

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You also begin to understand where all the negative emotions come from and what the triggers are. You begin to accept everything in your past and understand how it has made you who you are today. You will lose faith in religion and see it as separation, those old beliefs no longer matter to you. You are now your own role model and live your own path.

Stage 5
In this last stage of spiritual awakening, you know who you are at a soul level. You understand you are connected with everything and know you are the creator of your own reality. You are no longer struggling with negative emotions like guilt, control, anger, fear etc, but instead you are living a truly enlightened life.

You are living in the Now. You are now living everyday with honesty and always speak your truth. You see others as your brothers and sisters and treat them as such. You are in true alignment with your higher self.


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