Symptoms of Psychic abilities: We all have latent psychic abilities, talents that lay hidden deep inside of us.

Sometimes, we see glimpses of these abilities and wonder at the possibility of something greater.

Most people simply shrug off a déjà vu experience or show apathy towards untoward circumstances and mystifying visual experiences.

Our psychic abilities wane considerably if we make a habit of ignoring them.

Always take a more in-depth look at what confounds and excites you.

Psychic behaviour has long been associated with witches and sinister presences.

It’s time to set the record straight; Psychic abilities of some sort exist in all of us. We’re too naïve to realise them.

If you’ve experienced any of the symptoms of psychic abilities that we’re going to enlist in this article, it’s time you start paying attention to your psychic side.

1. Heightened Intuitive sensibilities

If you have ever predicted an event or anticipated a fear or have frequent apprehensions, you have well-developed intuitive abilities.

Honing your intuition is a great way to awaken dormant psychic abilities.

People who are non-conformists and believers and are willing to take a leap of faith often end up developing a powerful psychic consciousness.

2. Ability to Foresee the Future

Some people have this uncanny ability to predict the future. In some cultures, such people are even worshipped.

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They make prophecies that people make their life’s mission.

Since ancient times, people have stumbled across such spiritually evolved beings that have possessed some advanced powers of clairvoyance.

They see the future in the form of vivid dreams or other visual projections.

Think of them as oracles (yeah, exactly like the one in The Matrix).

3. Wild Hunches

Do you often get these wild hunches about certain things or events?

For instance, do you simply step back from someone just because you get a bad vibe from them?

Often, people with psychic abilities steer clear of manipulative people before they even know them because they don’t feel right.

If you exhibit this kind of behaviour, you have a unique and special psychic gift.

4. Telepathy

Telepathy is no ordinary thing; it transforms an average human into an unrestricted radio wave.

People with psychic abilities often tend to alter moods, send messages and even tap into the subconscious of the people they’re in sync with through their minds.

Telepathy commonly establishes between two lovers who deeply care for each other.

5. Penning Down Premonitions

In the Novel 1984, the protagonist, Winston, unconsciously jots down the future in his diary.

If you’ve also penned down some of your fears in a personal journal and they have come true, then you are similar to Winston.

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He might be a fictional character, but you’re the real deal.

These are the most typical symptoms of psychic abilities.

If you have an outburst of them, then your psychic skills are begging to be revealed.

It’s up to you to suppress them or to strengthen them.

Psychic consciousness is a rare gift. Wasting it is a fool’s game.