Starseeds can have a hard time during a starseed awakening, as they experience many changes in their life.

In this article, we will talk about five things starseeds experience during a dream state or awakening.

These are areas that starseeds may struggle with the most and need some guidance on how to handle them.

So what do starseeds experience during a dream state or starseed awakening?

Disconnection From the Physical And Emotional

The first thing starseeds experience is the disconnection from their physical and emotional body.

This can leave them feeling lost, confused, disconnected, and out of place in life.

Starseeds will often not feel comfortable with who they are as a person anymore as it no longer seems to fit into this new life.

They may feel like a different person and not know why.

This can also cause starseeds to distance themselves from their friends and family, as they no longer physically fit in with this old life anymore.

Loss of Identity As they Lose Their Connection With the “Old Self”

When starseeds lose contact with the “old self” that they once knew, it can be very confusing for them.

This starseed awakening is like losing an aspect of themselves and not knowing what to do with this loss.

They may feel lost as who they are now no longer fits into their old life or relationships anymore. They may also experience a loss of who they thought they were.

This loss may make starseeds feel like there is no point to their life anymore, and this can cause them much grief and pain because it feels like everything has been taken away from them.

Feeling As Though They Don’t Belong Anywhere

The starseed awakening can leave starseeds feeling as though they don’t belong anywhere.

This means that starseeds may feel like fish out of water in their current life and not really fit into anything around them anymore.

They might also feel like an outsider who doesn’t quite fit in with anyone or anything, and this makes starseeds feel isolated and alone.

Feeling Like They Are Losing Their Mind

Starseeds can start feeling like they are losing their mind or being driven crazy during awakening.

This is because starseeds may not fully understand what is happening to them, as it feels very surreal and strange.

Starseeds may also feel separate from everyone and everything around them, which can make starseeds think they are going crazy or losing their mind completely.

Feel Like They Are Going Through a Cosmic Breakup

The awakening can leave starseeds feeling as they have gone through a cosmic break up with their old self.

They may feel like they are mourning the loss of who they once were, as it no longer fits into this life anymore.

This causes starseeds to go through an emotional roller coaster ride that can leave them feeling lost and confused about what is happening in their lives.

Starseeds may even feel like they are going crazy or losing their mind completely.

This starseed awakening can be very difficult for starseeds to get through, as it is one of the hardest things starseeds have to deal with.

Starseeds often need guidance and support from other starseeds who understand what they are going through during awakening.

Vivid dreams of Places And people

Starseeds often have vivid dreams of places and people.

This can happen as starseeds may feel a strong connection to the star systems that they originally came from, or even different star beings in this universe.

Starseeds also experience dreams very intensely because their dream state is like an altered reality where anything can happen at any given time, which makes starseeds feel like they are living in an alternate universe.

Many starseeds can also see star beings right there with them during their dreams, which makes the dream state even more difficult to comprehend.

They may not understand why certain people or star systems keep showing up in these vivid dreams over and over again either, as starseeds may feel a strong connection with them on some level.

These dreams can also be very emotional for starseeds, as they have an overwhelming sense of nostalgia and loss during their sleep state because it feels like another part of themselves is being left behind or lost again.

They dream of cities or a place that feels like home, but starseeds may not know where this place is in reality—it could be a city on Earth or another planet.

Often starseeds have an awakening or realization through their dream state, which is why starseeds need to pay close attention to these dreams.

Communicate With Other Starbeings

Starbeings may try and communicate with starseeds through their dream state as well or receive a download from their star families.

Starseeds are often open to receiving information from star beings, which is why star civilizations have been able to contact starseeds this way through the dream state.

Many starseeds receive messages or downloads of energy and healing codes through these lucid dreams as well, which they can use to assist others.

Why Do Starseeds Have Different Dreams or Dream State Experiences?

Starseeds have different dreams and dream state experiences because their starseed heritage is from another star system, as star systems all vary greatly from each other.

The way a person’s DNA is programmed also differs from star system to star system as well, which is why starseeds may feel like they are experiencing a cosmic break up with their old self.


As a starseed are you experiencing any unusual dreams?

What kind of dreams have you had in your life and what do they mean to you?

Let me know about your starseeds dreams and experiences below!