5 Types of Synchronistic Connections That You’ll Make In Your Lifetime

All the dots in your life are connected. One way or another.

Every human who swims into your life, is here to fulfill something. Complete some prophecy. Fill in some of your blank pages.

If you take a walk down memory lane, you will find it filled with faces. People from different countries, with varying skin colours, communicating differently, etc.

Some made you feel bigger, with your head floating amidst the heavens. Some probably broke you till you couldn’t recognize yourself. And some still, came and left before you could memorize their features.

It is not possible to pin point the exact logic behind how your life functions, but if you believe in fate and fortitude, you know there is something greater than what meets the eye. You potentially believe that you may even be out of this world… a starchild!

Here are five types of synchronistic connections:

1. The People Who Awaken You

Everybody is not meant to be your ‘forever’. But you cannot measure quality in quantity, can you? I have friends I’ve known for 2 years, who have loved me more than ones I’ve known for 20. These are the people who believe in you enough to make you start believing in yourself. They are cornerstones that keep you grounded firmly during a storm. Whenever you doubt yourself, or think of giving up, they will spring out of nowhere to stop you. There is immense greatness in you, and they will always remind you of it. Often, they are the light that enters when your world grows dark. Treasure them.

2. The People Who Remind You

These are the friends who show you exactly who you are. They won’t sugar coat their opinions even at gun point. If you’re about to make a wrong decision, or are driving too close to the edge, they will pull you back with a jerk. Often, it seems really rude. You might even quarrel over their apparent brashness, and wish they were more polite. But in the long run, this honesty will count much more than fake appeasers. They will never let you slack, or take your success for granted. A harsh reality check is extremely important if one hopes to achieve things in life.

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3. The People Who Push You To Grow

These are the ones who show you how much greater you can be. They help you dream, and then achieve them. Often these are academicians, tutors, or anybody who inspires you to be a better person. They carry a very fresh perspective with themselves, and paint the world in a different colour. Climbing out of your troubles will seem like an easier task with them around. From problem-solving to life skills, they fill you up to the brim.

4. The People Who Hold Space

These human beings are ‘hit and miss’. Sometimes, when you walk into a cafe, you might bump into another person waiting for their coffee. You probably talk a little about the weather, and then move on. Several months later, something they said or did, could possibly make a lot more sense to you. I’ve often been taught lessons in life from people I’ve met at grocery stores. You find great parents, monstrous teenagers, cute grandparents, and sometimes a stranger will leave a part of themselves with you. Without your knowing. Whether or not you like it. There are a thousand faces hidden in your subconscious, all of whom must have meant something.

5. The People Who Stay

This is my favourite kind. These are the ones that didn’t get away; the ones who are here for life. They watched you grow, stumble, fall, make a fool of yourself, and rise up again. They’ve held your hand through the toughest and silliest of times. In every moment of light or darkness, they have been there to protect you. Sometimes, we realize, life is all about finding connections like these. Literally your guardian angels, this group of people love you to death and beyond. They will “follow you into the dark”. Cherish them. They are going to be your cushion in the roughest of rides called Life.

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