Few things on this Earth are as worthwhile as growing spiritually and being more connected with our inner, pure self.
In this article, you will find five ways you can unleash unlimited inner energy and achieve new levels of spiritual awakening.

Read spiritual books daily

Spiritual books are one of the best resources that you have available to you. Second to having a personal mentor to guide you in your spiritual journey, books are always available when you want advice and can deliver wisdom and a taste of pure consciousness.

The Power of Now by Eckhart Tolle and The Untethered Soul by Michael Singer are fantastic books that you can read for these purposes.

Try to spend time reading in the morning right after you wake up and right before going to bed. If it’s the first thing you do, you can start the entire day off with a clear head and unleashed inner energy.

Use suffering as a launching point

It is well known that suffering or pain can help an unenlightened soul experience the beauty of inner peace through transcending their emotions and into the realm of eternal being.

The next time you are intense pain, be ready to use your knowledge of meditation and the soul to transcend the pain.


For example, when you feel deeply hurt by a loved one, take a second to realize that the feeling of suffering is not who you are, but just something your consciousness and awareness are fixated on.

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Then realize that you are actually the consciousness that is aware of the pain. However, I caution you to not use a mental voice to tell yourself this (thinking). Instead, let your observing consciousness realize it by its natural self. This sudden shift in your awareness awakens your true being.

For as long as you can, allow your consciousness to realize this, and you will be in a deep state of bliss.

Attend meditation groups

A simple Google search of “meditation groups near me” can show you a list of places that offer frequent meetings for meditation.

Try to attend a meeting once a week, to make it a regular occurrence. Any less infrequent and it’s easy to become detached to it and slow your progress.

When at such meetings, try to learn how other people like to meditate, but also use your time there as an opportunity to practice your own exercises. The environment usually is very conducive to focused meditation, and you will likely have more successful meditations.

Additionally, make sure to get a good night’s rest before the meetup, because these hour-long sessions can make a tired person want to fall asleep from fatigue, which is not something you likely want.

Live in the present moment in daily activities

In your everyday activities, you have the opportunity to practice living in the present moment.

Most of us spend our time thinking about something else rather than putting our attention wholeheartedly in what we are doing. We think about politics, our plans later this week, or an interesting event that has happened around us.

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While this is natural for most people on this planet, realize that this isn’t good for you because you are allowing your being to be dormant and replaced by a weak, erratic mind.

Instead, allow your attention to be solely focused on the experience you are having. Take this opportunity to become aware that you are not your thoughts and impulses that yearn for you to do something else.


Just embrace what you are doing and feel the liberation when you are at peace with the beauty of reality.

Listen to speeches from spiritual teachers

In the modern age, we are blessed with the ability to access incredible content on demand.

One of the best resources for growing spiritually is listening to spiritual individuals delivering talks. The Dalai Lama has many videos where he discusses compassion and peace. Eckhart Tolle has videos reaching millions of individuals on how to silence the mind. Alan Watts has many powerful speeches that can inspire you spiritually.

While you drive, work out, or do manual chores, you can listen to these speeches to expand your understanding of the universe and spiritually.

Wrapping Up

Of the five of these suggestions, make sure you try at least one of them today. Taking action will ensure you grow and improve over time. Hopefully these suggestions will allow you to acquire a deeper understanding of your true self and appreciate the beauty of the being within you.


derek@westernmonks.com; Derek He is the blogger at westernmonks.com.