Ascending into 5th Dimension (or 5D) consciousness is a landmark for spiritual people, and one only a small percentage of the people on the planet will experience.

It is a transformative process that unlocks new power within you.

Having such an intense transition comes with side effects and symptoms – physical, mental, and spiritual.

Here are the most common 5D ascension symptoms:

Energy Fluctuations

During the process of ascension, you will be experiencing massive changes in your chakra system. More energy is being pumped in, and it’s not all going to stick.summer main1

You might find that one day you’ll feel full of energy and ready to get after your goals, yet the next day you barely want to get out of bed.

Hearing Problems & Blurred Vision

These two symptoms are interlinked, as they are both due to energetic overload in the third eye.

Your third eye is responsible for all types of perception, so when it is overloaded with energy, you might start hearing things, or your vision might get a bit out of focus.

Similarly, if energy is fluctuating low, then you might have trouble hearing people.

Hot Flashes

All of these changes in your energy system tends to send your immune system into overdrive.

Although these effects are positive, your body can have an adverse reaction to it, and this can sometimes manifest as hot flashes.

Weight Loss

Depending on where you are with your weight right now, you might see this as a positive or negative symptom, but many people experience weight loss during ascension.

It is mostly because of a lack of appetite, as well as changes within the pituitary gland that can have effects on your metabolism.

Mood Swings

As the 5D ascension process moves on, you might start to experience dramatic mood swings.

Often, something traumatic befalls us during this stage. An event like this functions as a sort of test, though that’s not entirely accurate as you can’t really “fail” it.

Getting these mood swings under control is an essential step in your journey towards ascension.

Heightened Spiritual Awareness

The overload of energy in your third eye may have bad symptoms to do with vision and hearing, but the energy going into your crown chakra has mostly positive effects.

A heightened sense of spiritual awareness is common for those ascending to 5D.

You will start to notice more synchronicity, feel more connected with people, and generally shift towards being more loving and kind.

Loss Of Ego

Finally, you will start to notice your ego dissipating as it surrenders to higher consciousness.

The ego puts up an intense fight during ascension, wanting to cling to the lower thinking that allows it to satisfy its more nefarious impulses. This causes a lot of the problems you will experience.

But as you reach ascension, the remnants of your 3D/4D ego will scatter to the wind, and you will have reached a higher spiritual state.

We hope you will agree that this is well worth the trouble of overcoming the ascension process.

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