We’ve all heard about out-of-body experiences. But are they real? And can you train yourself to do it?

What is Astral Projection?

Astral Projection Tips: Having an out of body experience is just another form of telepathy. Astral projection, also known as astral travel, is when your astral body or soul separates from your physical body.

Those who have have astral projected claim that they were capable of traveling outside their body, and they were able to interact with other souls ant even pass on their thought process through to them. Astral projection is connected with deep concentration through meditation or dreams.

Reports of astral projection though have been reported throughout centuries, usually prefaced by the tremendous ability to dream lucidly or to maintain deep meditations. If you are attempting your first astral projection, be patient. This isn’t a one-time, big event.

It happens when you might least expect it, and it is usually the spirit, and not the physical body, that dictates the happening. Tapping into your soul and spirit is essential. Here are 6 astral projection tips to help you start your journey:

Astral Projection Tips You Can Begin With

1. Prepare What You Wear

First astral projection tips is to prepare what you are going to wear. This detail may seem quite trivial but its a good idea to think of when you’re just beginning. As if you were going out in real life, wear comfortable and loose fitting clothing. Be aware that the temperature of the body will drop, and it’s normal to feel cold. Prepare for this, and bring a thin blanket or sweater in your journey

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2. Find Your Ideal Projection Time

Astral travel doesn’t necessarily have to happen at night when you go to sleep although others will find it easier to do so. Different people have different ideal projection times. Some can do it at dawn or twilight. Others prefer it early in the morning.

3. Best Astral Projection Tips Is To Practice Lucid Dreaming

Beginners should practice being relaxed without necessarily falling asleep. Your physical body might fall asleep but your consciousness, your astral body, should stay awake. Breathe slowly in and out. Have a strong urge to travel without letting your thoughts run away with you. Stay focused on the thought of traveling outside your body.astral projection tips

4. Sounds Play a Role

Astral projection aids are used to help beginner tune into the right frequency when they’re beginning their astral travel attempts. Audio aids can be bought online or can be purchased in meditation stores.

5. Try Visualization Techniques

How does your spirit separate from your body? Most astral projectors find it helpful to let the astral body climb a rope. It is climbing out of your physical body. Others try to use solid objects like a rock or a tree as their foundation as they are pulling themselves out.

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6. Release Tension

Most astral projectors testify that before an astral projection, their body goes through this vibration. Their physical body starts to tingle. After which follows a partial or full paralysis of the physical body. This is completely normal. It is important not to be afraid of this phase. Once the spirit senses fear, it will immediately go back to the physical body.

Do not be afraid of the floating sensation as well. Your astral body will not get lost. You will regain all physical function once the spirit goes back to its shell.