Men are notoriously forward when it comes to approaching women. In fact, in this day and age, many women complain about the constant barrage of proposals from creepy men.

But when a guy really likes you, he suddenly gets all coy about it.

We know that this can be frustrating, so we’ve put together this list of 6 signs that will let you know when he has a big crush on you.

He’s Always Talking About You

Men talk about whatever is on their mind. If all he has to talk about is you, then guess what’s occupying his thoughts most of the time?

Not only that, but he is trying to subtly signal to you that he cares about you and is interested in your life and who you are.

(Bonus points if he talks about you to his friends.)

Unless He’s Boasting About Himself

The other tact many men will take is to boast a lot. He’ll try bragging about his job, the money he makes, things that he is good at and damn near anything else he thinks might impress you.

It might all seem a bit much, but in his mind, you would never settle for a guy like him – so perhaps he needs to big himself up just a little bit first.

He Stares At You When He Thinks You’re Not Looking

Yes, it’s cliched, but men do tend to let their eyes wander when they think nobody is looking.

Of course, if he actually likes you, he would never dream of eyeing you up when you are looking right at him. He wouldn’t want to make you feel objectified.

But when he thinks it couldn’t possibly do any harm, he won’t be able to help himself.

He Pauses To Think More Often Around You

This is a funny one and one that is often missed.

If you notice that he pauses a lot when he is speaking to you – perhaps much more than he usually would – then that indicates that he is thinking about what he is about to say more than usual.

In other words, he’s nervous about saying the wrong thing and embarrassing himself in front of you – or even worse, turning you off!

He Takes Your Advice

A big part of a real attraction – and a huge clue that he has a big crush on you – is respect.

When a man respects you on a deep level, you will find that he always takes your advice. This might be about important matters like life or work decisions, but more so it is found in the mundane.

So if you mention your favourite show and he immediately takes your advice and watches it, he’s got a big crush on you. Or at least respects you like someone who does.

And He’s Not Just After Your Body

The biggest difference between a man just fancying you a bit and a man who is really falling for you is in his attitude toward sex.

The former is going to be looking for sex as soon as possible. They might even get a bit pushy because that is all that is on his mind.

But for someone who has real feelings for you, sex will not be a priority right away. He will want to wait until you are ready – and until he is ready!

So those are the 6 signs that he has a big crush on you. Don’t forget all woman have fantastic intuition.

So ladies don’t forget to use it in matters of the heart. If he shows you these 6 signs, then you have a great guy taking his time to get to know you.

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