The term Twin flame is also known as twin souls, and spiritually they are your soul’s mirror.

Everyone has only one twin, twin flames come to earth being separated and they go through human experiences throughout their lives before they meet each other again.

Each twin is a complete soul and it is their work to become united again with their soul’s mirror, and their mission is to balance both the male and female energies.

All relationships in our lives are examples of twin flame relationships.

When we reunite with our twin flame, it can be the most intense relationship we will experience.

What is evident is that these twin flame unions are very rare, as it takes decades to lifetime to solve their karmic issues and heal.

But this is now changing, as healing work is much faster and the spiritual work is progressing better these days, so more people are uniting with their twin flames.

A twin flame union is more intense than any other relationship, this is because they are attracted to each other’s soul and not just the physical aspects.

The connection is more of a spirit and soul bonding.

Twin flames are like mirrors of each other’s soul, they reflect and explore the elements of the other person’s soul.

Listed below are signs that you may have encountered your twin flame;

Twin flame signs;

  • Establishment of an instant or immediate intense bond or connection.
  • Strong kundalini awakening.
  • You are able to be your true self around them.
  • Feeling of a strange and a strong sense of recognition upon meeting.
  • Feeling safe and having found a place to call home.
  • Feeling balanced between both the dark and light.
  • The feeling of wanting to be a better person each day.
  • Strong bonding when together.
  • The feeling of finally getting what one has been looking for.
  • Feeling of a deeper connection and reflection of one another.
  • Getting to appreciate important life lessons such as patience, gratitude, empathy, and forgiveness.
  • Being okay to do or say something to your twin or when they are there and be okay with it because they understand or will understand.
  • Realizing that you both have a common purpose or goal of wanting to be better people for each other, and wanting to achieve more in life.
  • Honestly in all that is said and done and not having to force it because it comes naturally.
  • The twin will feel like they have a teacher, a mentor, a confidant, a best friend, and a lover.

I am sure you have encountered these signs, I have sensed many of these signs when I met my twin flame.

Listed below are twin flame runner signs;

Twin flame runner signs;

  • Age difference. It is not considered a bigger issue but sometimes it is. This can play on their mind.
  • It becomes all about lust, rather than a relationship.
  • Already in a relationship.
  • They don’t understand the relationship.
  • Although twin flames connect on a higher level initially, certain interest and topics may arise which may result in disagreements.
  • One feels complete, but the other twin flame does not.

Which of these twin flame runner signs have you noticed?