7 Centers Of Consciousness To Open Your Soul To A Whole New Dimension

Amrit Yoga is a traditional form of yogic practice designed to accelerate the body’s spiritual maturity. The ‘manipulation’ of innate energy fields called ‘chakra’ is how the practitioners of this ancient art achieve elevated spiritual level.

The manipulation of chakra in turn awakens the primal life-force locked within us all. In Sanskrit this is called ‘prana’. And awakened prana is called ‘Kundalini’ which goes about completely cleansing the nerves of all negative energy.


Even it may look like a lot of names to digest right away, the yogic practice is based on scientific principles. To make things clearer we’re going to dive right in and go over the 7 types of chakra energy which constitutes your body. Your awareness and ability to control these inner energies will transform your physical and mental state of being.

1. Chakra One: Roots, Alignment, Earth

Muladhara is the body in physical space and time, developing a grounding stability and foundation. This affects both the mental and physical state. Amrita yoga focuses on balanced poses and it is essential to keep an exact alignment. This chakra force is a stabilizing agent and works to reinforce and strengthen the legs.

2. Chakra Two: Sensation, Flow, Water

This chakra field is used to become aware of the sensory nature of our being. In simpler terms it deals with the primary senses and the effects of sensual pleasures. This state of sensory awareness is called Swadisthana and allows for the building up of ecstatic energy in our bodies.

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3. Chakra Three: Power, Fire

The fire chakra is stimulated through strong standing poses. We focus the energy towards the belly which in turn becomes the seat for spiritual heat. The energy is then pushed towards the upper body. This is an essential part of Level I as this conscious generation and directing of energy is necessary for prana to awaken and move upward to higher centers.

4. Chakra Four: Awakening to the Spiritual Path

The heart chakra is the chakra energy located in our chest. It is associated with our emotional core. We open our heart (metaphorically) in this state called Anahata. This has several poses using the arms (mudras) and breathing exercises.


5. Chakra Five: Communication (internal/external) – the power of sound vibration

This energy is derived using the power of sound vibrations. It is well documented how good music can actually affect your health for the better. Using chanting and harmonious sounds such as ‘Om’, we can massage our throat chakra. This state is called the ‘Visuddha’, which is mostly apparent at Level II.


6. Chakra Six: the Third Eye

Meditation, witness, meditative awareness Pratyahara; deep absorption without choosing for or against are presents in Ajna chakra. This practice is directed towards integration of energies and a complete harmonizing of oneself with the world and activating the ‘Third Eye’ of supreme awareness.

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7. Chakra Seven: Silence

In the Sahasrar, the elixir of Amrita comes through silencing the fluctuations of the mind. Silence in the noise of the ever shifting and illusory external world is a rare luxury. The silence can be transformed into the bliss of acceptance and being in a state of inner peace.

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