In this article, we explain each of the twin flame stages. You may be familiar with this knowledge that the universe does open up and conspire things for you.

For some lucky ones, you do get to witness and accept yourself through the image of another. Twin flames are never complete mirrors in every attribute; they connect each other in places that are dormant.

Twin Flame Relationship Stages

This individual perceives your heart and soul. So a twin flame relationship is recognized by sincere acknowledgment of each others body and soul. There is no need to heal anyone. Relationships don’t come with judgment or criticism when two people are scared to see the incompatibility.

In the early stage of the relationship you both end up finishing each other’s sentences, you share experiences and only feel close to each other.

You might think its all in your head, but it’s not. They are your twin flame; some just call it soul connections. The secret is to acknowledge your twin flame when you encounter them.

Meeting your twin flame is just a chance encounter, you meet them, or you don’t. However, there are some familiar concepts we have noticed in the twin flame stages which may help you determine a twin flame connection. We explain below different twin flame relationship stages.twin flame stages 1

Twin Flame Separation Stage

In this juncture you separate from your twin flame, meaning you are not ready to unite and it’s not the right time. If you blame the other then you are not ready for this relationship, you need to accept yourself. You need to find yourself within and become whole, and your twin flame is not here to fill your void.

If you want to be with your twin flame to just address a gap or to feel love, then it means you are not looking for yourself first. Any void you have will be reflected back to you by your twin flame. Without completely feeling whole again, this relationship will only bring the pain.

You go your separate ways because you both have not reached a level of unconditional love or have accepted yourselves. Either both of you had expectations how the relationship should be, because of this, the twin flame relationship will not work, idealism and expectations are ego-based relationships. No wonder you just can’t agree on anything.

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Your views seem to scare you how a relationship should be, the first time you met something sparked, you just knew this person without recognizing them on a physical level, you feel overwhelming love but wonder how can this be? You don’t even know them, and you probably think it’s just lust but then you wonder why there is a deep feeling in your soul? Your life has changed forever; separation is a challenging and painful process.twin flame stages 3

Twin Flame Healing Stage

In the twin flame healing stage, twin flame partners are aware of their close partnership; they can heal each other by reflecting the fear, drama or any other pattern. Healing just only one soul could be enough for both twin flames.

That is how reflection works; it’s a bit like having a noticeable wound on your face. The reflection on a mirror will display it providing you have it. When that wound has healed, you will not see it in the mirror again.

The point is easy. If you can reach deep within your partner and see them troubled with something, then be conscious of that reflection within you.

Twin flame healing stage requires a lot of self-love. It’s going to take thorough understanding. Only through this, you will be able to see patterns and let go of them.

Twin Flame Stages Of Reunion

The twin flame reunion stage takes place when the twins have balanced their karma and have forgiven one another. If something was dead or perhaps slumbering, there has to be a desire to revive it.

For this stage to take place, twin flames need to evolve and be conscious of their spiritual reality fully. Twin flames need to be in a state of nirvana and be free from past baggage and move onto oneness, perfect balance, synchronicity, and everlasting joy.

This stage is the final reunion and will be the eternal union.

Twin Flame Honeymoon Stage

The twin flame honeymoon stage is the beginning stage of a relationship, really it should have been just a meeting for coffee, but you both end up into the next morning. You can’t get enough of each other, mostly its just conversation.

You have so much to catch up on, many conversations from many past lives. At this stage, you start believing in true love again. This stage can be an awakening for you.

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You have awakened to the kind of relationship you have always dreamed of being in. You instantaneously recognize this person like your other half.twin flame stages 2

Twin Flame Denial Stage

The twin flame denial stage comes before the runner stage. Usually, the twin flame is running away from the connection, they deny the connection, they refuse to look inwards, so they are running from themselves.

The chaser is also denying the connection because they are overly focused on the other twin flame. The chaser is running from looking inwards too.

Twin Flame Stages Runner And Chaser

The runner and chaser dynamics are present in most relationships, but they are more known for a twin flame relationship.

The roles of a runner and chaser dynamic can change in a relationship. It starts off when one of the twin flames is not spiritually enlightened, and their consciousness does not know what is going on, which leads to confusion.

Often it’s the masculine energy that runs and the chaser will chase after them, often the feminine energy. But I have seen it alternate.

The twin flame that runs does not know what’s going on; they feel they are losing control from the close connection. The runner escapes the relationship by avoiding their partner.

The truth is they are never running away from the chaser. Rather the runner is fleeing from their soul. Chasers are mirrors of the runners. The Chaser brings up all the emotion the runner does not want to work through. They just can’t handle it, so they run. The sad part is this can go on for years.

The chaser should not run after them. Chasers have to understand that running after them is forcing love; rather they should let go of the needs, even let go of the relationship and take care of their needs and desires.

They need to grow spiritually and be free. Appreciate themselves and what they can offer rather than blame themselves.

The running and chasing can only come to an end when both have healed from the pain. It’s important for twin flames to be on the path to spiritual enlightenment. Hopefully, there can be a happy ending.