It’s quite common to have dreams of past life, but most often you don’t realise what these dreams mean. Sometimes you can dream about your current life; then there are dreams which are purely from your past lives.

What you want to do is know how to differentiate between them. Luckily in this article, you will learn just that.

You are probably here because you had a past life dream, you should know that memories are a big chunk of your life.

Most of these memories you remember when you are awake. You can also remember them while you are asleep and they come in the form of dreams.

Whenever you have an incredible dream, and you can’t get that dream out of your head, you think about it all day. You should know that these dreams relate to your past life.

Past life dreams are a great way to acknowledge that you had another life. When you sleep, the subconscious mind helps you remember the experiences of your past life.

You remember them because they are guidelines for your life right now, it is important to remember them, so you don’t repeat any mistakes you have made.

To make it easier for you, we have listed some signs that you have had a past life dream.

Places and people

When you dream about your current life, you will visit and see people you already know. When you have a dream of a past life you will see places and people you don’t know, but there is a familiarity about it.

You are different in your dream

Have you ever had a dream where you were a completely different person? Usually, where you are a different person, you also act differently. You should know that these dreams are snippets of your past life.

Past life dreams don’t change

Unlike dreams about your current life which tend to shift between scenes and places. Past life dreams never change, they are constant and logical. In this realm, you can never change the outcome because the dream is a memory.

Physical injuries

In your dreams, you might notice some unexplained injuries. You might see yourself physically injured and they might connect to your current situation. For example you might have arthritis in one arm where the injury occurred.

Something missing

Do you ever feel like you are missing something in your life? It can relate to your past life, for example, you might have been spiritually enlightened in your past life, but you are missing it in your current life.

Dreams are not just the only indicators that you had a past life; there are other signs you can look out for, here are some I have listed for you.

Déjà vu

Everyone experiences déjà vu, and it is a bizarre feeling that you have experienced or lived a moment in time. Déjà vu is always spontaneous. Mostly it is mostly triggered by sight, sound, smell or taste.

You feel older than your age

Some people feel young no matter how old they are, in the same way, some people think they are old souls. This feeling comes from your past life and many reincarnations, you are someone who is wise beyond the years.

You have always had the feeling that you have lived in other places, you are always looking for your home. This feeling comes from your past life where you have enjoyed many lives. Also know that the soul always wants to find its way home, which is back to the source.

There are many signs, dreams and memories you might uncover about your past life, these signs I have mentioned are just a few, there are many more signs you will notice every day.