7 Signs You Might Be An Alchemist

What is Alchemy? Alchemy = Transformation

In antiquity alchemy was the process of transforming base metals (iron, lead) into noble metals (silver and gold).

We believe that the concept of alchemy as transformation, in its broader sense, illustrates the magical, sacred and holistic process of change and healing that takes place in each one of us when we start regarding and treating ourselves as a whole, rather than trying to cure and change different parts of us or our lives based on preconceived ideas and other shoulds, musts or have-tos that we’ve been trained to believe without questioning.

As a Wellness Alchemist, you will take back the reigns over your life and embark on an endless, lifetime journey of self-discovery and constant transformation.


 7 Signs You Might Be an Alchemist

You are tired of people telling you WHAT you should, ought, must do; what to eat, wear, read and watch; what job/lifestyle/person/circumstances suit you. You are more interested in the WHY and the WHO…of YOU. 2.

 You don’t fit well within the norm. You are rebellious by nature. “Normal” gives you major existential yawns. You’ve had a glimpse of the extraordinary running through your veins and you can’t conform to a life that is less than what you feel, deep down, you are capable of experiencing.

You have a passion for learning and a curious open mind. You love questions more than pre-made answers. You’ve always felt like a student of life. The more you know, the smaller you feel and the more you need to keep learning. Your curiosity ignites more curiosity and you will never find enough evidence to stop questioning life, but you’re okay with that, because it means there will always be new territory to be explored.

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You like to self-experiment and test things out. It’s not enough with just reading or knowing about something, you need to BE about it. In order to share your truth, you must first live it. You have a living lab (yourself) in which you practice your ideas and bring them to life. You operate this life from the office of your mind, with your heart as a guide and your body as a map.

You are a truth-seeker and a tireless life explorer. You practice both — a constant evolution and a consistent revolution. And in your quest for truth, you are willing to explore yourself and the life that surrounds you in ways that are not often comfortable — because to find out who you are, you often end up bumping into who you’re not. When you start digging, it often gets worse before it gets better. But you would rather find yourself and your truth than live comfortably in the dark. You’d rather hurt than be numb. You want everything out of life, you don’t want to be spared.

You take your dreams and passions to heart. Despite the obstacles that come your way, you know what you are capable of accomplishing. When they say you can’t do what you’ve set your mind to do, it motivates you to go after what you want with a renewed enthusiasm and relit fire.

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You understand that you and only you, hold the keys to your life, that your longings and desires are the truest indicators of the next steps you need to take, and that the universe conspires with you (not against you) to help you turn your dreams into fact.

 You’ve always felt there was – there had to be – more to life, more to you, more to all of us than you could express, more than we realize and more than what most of us are willing to accept. You’ll never be satisfied unless you pursue this lifetime adventure of looking deeper and finding the way, the truth and the life only you have the keys for. If you have tested positive for at least 5 of these 7 items, congratulations, you’re an Alchemist.
That is – you have the ability, willingness and unlimited potential to become you own “Agent for Creative Change and Transformation,” by tapping into your innate healing superpowers and inter-connecting your mind, heart and body to become the truest, boldest, brightest version of YOU.

Source: Yoganonymous


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