When our guides need to deliver us a message, they can do this by synchronicity. By presenting us with individual numbers like 722, our guides are offering guidance.

You might have seen 722 on clocks, receipts, forms or even train timetables. In fact, anywhere that numbers show up could contain number synchronicity messages for you.

So if you’ve been experiencing 722 synchronicity and wanted to know what that means for you, read on:

About 722

We can break down the full meaning of 722 by looking at its smaller parts.

The first digit is the number 7, which represents emotions, spiritual awakening and empathic/psychic abilities.

We also have the number 2, which is twinned. Twinned numbers hold more importance in the message. The number 2 represents balance, peace and meditation.

Also contained in 722 is the master number 22, which represents ancient wisdom, technology and personal power. Master numbers are very powerful when they show up, so you should do more research on master number 22.

722: Believe In Yourself

722 is a message of encouragement from the guides. They want you to know that you have the power inside of you to make all of your dreams come true – if only you would believe in yourself.

Every one of us is privy to universal guidance and messages from the astral plane, but not everybody listens. In fact, very few people ever get the messages intended for them.

The way that spiritual guidance manifests in most cases is through intuition – or gut feelings.

Your guides have sent you 722 because you have been ignoring your intuition. Perhaps you have acted against your better judgement or allowed yourself to be convinced against your previous convictions.

Intuition is incredibly powerful, but many people are raised to doubt it. When you doubt yourself and your inner power, you betray yourself and your soul mission.

722: Good Things Come Your Way

722 is also a sign of good fortune. A windfall, opportunity or exciting experience is coming your way – probably something that you have been aiming at for a while!

This is the likely message if you are practising affirmation.

One interpretation is that you will receive information that will be useful to you. To get the rewards you are looking for though, you will have to take that information and do something with it.

This is an important step, as the Universe rewards actions and intentions more than it can be said to grant wishes.

With the theme of intuition, you should know when you receive the information that you might benefit from. Trust yourself to know how to use that information, following your intuition and instincts as far as is sensible.

So if you have received the message 722 from your spirit guides, you now know what the meaning of that message is. A lot of people are looking for reassurance from others that their experiences aren’t unique and we can tell you that they are.